The corona virus has and remains a shock to the world. There is no doubt that the economies of most major countries will be decimated as a result and that life as we know it will probably take years to return if ever it demands it.
Greece has been affected like any other nation, but an early and rapid blockade has directly limited the damage from Covid 19 so far, and I hope it wishes to be.

Before this global catastrophe, Greece was very publicly burdened with a debt ratio despised by many countries, but now similar equations compared to others after the consequences of Covid-19 are like a drop in there.

In the future, Greece could have eliminated this financial stigma. However, some do occur as a chain of accidental but undeserved events. However, the true nature of how Greece diligently found its return to the productive world has not been fully appreciated, especially in relation to the systematic destruction of its infrastructure and the pitiful theft of any asset by a long generation of Nazi German hands during the war. Occupation by World War II.

Few people now remember that Greece may have been the founder of modern civilization as we know it. It was in the distant and distant past, of course, but little attention was paid to the astonishing creative force and work ethic of the emerging generations of young and middle Greeks.

For example, keep an eye on the lists of the best universities, the best specialists and the brightest scientific minds in the world, then notice the domination of Greek men and women at every turn. Consider this as opposed to the image that some represent that the Greek nation is full of drunkards and lazy moccasins who have bowls in their hands forever. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So, what qualifies the Greek nation to sit at the same table as those currently called “superpowers”?

First of all, they already recognize Greece as a country of stability and security, even if it is surrounded by controversial countries. Although technically part of the European Union, Greece already enjoys excellent relations with these great powers. Russia, the United States, and China have used Greece as a hub for much of their business.

The Chinese have chosen Greece as the most important Mediterranean port for their “Silk Road” project. The Russian “gas pipeline” is hosted by Greece, and the United States needs the deep water port and airport at Souda Bay in Crete for their strategic purposes.

Greece will also soon benefit from its own new supply of oil and gas and has a greater wealth of gold, minerals, international shipping, excellent academic institutions and of course not the tourist industry which knows the fastest growing in the world.

Why should Greece appear after Covid-19?

I believe that after Covid-19, the world will soon realize that it suffers from a power vacuum.

Global citizens will appear with a realigned call for a new form of leadership. Military might and opulent wealth have proven meaningless when attacked by an invisible enemy of health. What they are asking for is a new emphasis on humanitarian values, a man who helps people, not communism, but a form of “we against disease” who respects and works in harmony with the protection of planet as the main goal. .

But our superpowers will surely recognize this need and change accordingly!
“I do not think so!”

In most cases, our world leaders have shown how flat their “powers” are.

The United States has clearly lost its direction, just ask a disinfectant seller for more details. China, which has sought to become “the” main world power, is now an enlarged suspicion of them as a potential creator of the germ warfare laboratory “The virus that escaped”.

The European Union, Germany and France have proven to be toothless when the chips fall. Then Russia under Putin, although technically no longer a communist belief, still sent its Orwellian roots dangerously.

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