I think the older I get, the more obsolete mine is. Take for example varicose veins. When I grew up and pushed my slender teenage toes in a mix of Nancy Sinatra white boots, mine was mine and my instructions included varicose veins. Of course, I had seen them – dark blue or purple veins that bent like threads – on the parents on chamois of all sizes and shapes. And forgotten in my head, I came to the conclusion:

Varicose veins detected; Your rights – like death and taxes. There’s nothing you can do, wear long pants and get lost.

But one of my friends became a successful procedure for this condition and I researched how my Nancy boots – such. If you can flaunt your legs again, you should know that.

The condition can be treated

After doing some basic research, I spoke to Dr. Edward Mackay, RVT, RPVI, vein specialist in Tampa, Florida, and co-director of the International Vein Congress (IVC). My first question was: “Are varicose veins still treatable?”

“Yes, to some extent,” says Mackay. “The consequences of this type of disease are very important.” And he heard again, he said, “First, the main operations can be done in an office, and depending on the treatment, recovery time can be a matter of days with minimal or no scarring.” .

The reasons

According to Mackay, “Genetics are the good cause of varicose veins. They have families and ages with age.”

Yes, you may be able to adopt one or both parents for this condition. Longevity weakens your veins and your valves’ right to pump blood. Blood collects in our veins and varicose veins and their own siblings, the spider veins.

Another major cause is perception. Varicose veins due to weight gain and control that give blood to the fetus, usually a few months after delivery.


In addition to genetics, there are other problems, the risk of developing these potential skills. These reasons:

Obesity. The weight on the frame of the frame is required for your veins.
Sex. Women with varicose veins, perception, control, perception, perception, perception.
Counter. In our 1930s, your veins and valves can wear out normally.
Lack of exercise. Sitting or standing for long periods of time can change your blood loss and change your position.

Varicose veins occur directly in your own parts and legs, but can also belong to your thighs and straight legs. You may or may not have heard. When heard, experiences manifest themselves through:

Itching around your veins
Burning, throbbing, muscle cramps or swelling in the lower legs
Painful pain after sitting or standing in government
Skin ulcers and swelling around the ankles
Possible consequences

As already understood, ulcers in their own affiliation can be ankles or varicose veins. They are heard as they heard and as they heard. Varicose veins can cause blood clots to last longer when closed, which can lead to severe swelling. If any of the following political swellings appear, seek prompt medical attention.


There are different rights to prevent varicose veins or to hear deterioration. These reasons:

Regular fees
Wear compression stockings (yes, they’re still there.)
Lift your legs to the right for a short time
Feel high heels
Recognize your sitting or standing position
losing weight
Achieve low-salt, high-fiber development
When should i leave

If you don’t see your veins, improve them and know the pain, it’s time to see your doctor.

Possible customization options

It must be understood differently to be available. “The possible consequences are sclerotherapy and catheter treatment procedures, HF lasers and endovenous procedures,” says Mackay.

Here is a brief description of yesterday’s treatment procedures:

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