Varicose veins are swollen, twisted, and unsightly veins that are lumpy and bluish because of the skin. There are several ways to remove varicose veins. Surgery is one of the best options for varicose veins visible under the skin. It generally works with the perception of localized varicose veins. It is also different with small varicose veins. The endoscopy will become a varicose vein.

In endoscopic venous surgery, a small video camera is used to examine the veins. This procedure uses a new camera at the end of a thin tube to move through the varicose veins. A surgical instrument at the end of the camera is used to close the veins. Then the varicose veins are passed through small incisions. People who have this varicose vein surgery undergo anesthesia such as B. epidural, spinal, or general anesthesia.

Endoscopic venous surgery is currently only in the management of the rule, in skin ulcers that of varicose veins in general. Only small cuts are useful for this procedure. You have a specific bandage on your leg three days after your operation. Patients can refer to the ability to take care of themselves in the normal way.

There are some common approaches: exercise movements, weights and exercise, waiting, what you hear, assess your legs, feel long periods of sitting and standing, not sitting on your feet.

It is important to include the types of varicose veins because varicose vein treatment is for everyone.

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