Have you noticed that your legs have changed over the years? Otherwise, it’s probably not the material you can read (unless, of course, you have new information about leg health and varicose veins that you can use to help your friends anytime). As for the other part of those affected, here are some tips on how to maintain the aesthetics of your leg and how to treat it. Different types of drugs for varicose veins are developed not only to resist the obvious and uncomfortable symptoms of a neglected disease, but also to tackle the root of the problem – impaired blood circulation.

The study shows that most women over the age of 30, especially after childbirth with sedentary activities (like sitting, standing, traveling in planes, etc.), are most at risk of insufficiency. venous – just a fancy term for varicose veins.

You probably know your body better than anyone, but you may have noticed that your legs have changed, along with pain and other uncomfortable sensations as your lifestyle becomes more passive. Other specific symptoms can be heavy legs, nighttime cramps and itching, or hot feet. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also affects the look. Varicose veins are visible and palpable when standing (they can only disappear after a break). It can really be a nightmare, especially during the beach season. These are all symptoms of venous insufficiency. As uncomfortable as it may be, the reasons get out of hand, e.g. it can be genetically predisposed. The disease can be caused by a chronic increase in blood pressure which gets bigger and requires the vein. In this case also, it is recommended not to use strong tea and coffee.

Treatment for varicose veins not only treats the symptoms, but also heals your veins by increasing your venous tone. Thus, it reduces venous capacity, venous stretching and drainage time, and strengthens capillary resistance. Basically, it means that it helps your veins to better manage blood circulation. From a medical point of view, your legs gradually feel better and look better.

Treatment for varicose veins comes in many different forms – from normal tablets to different gels. The good news is that a large amount is available over the counter. However, it is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor before continuing.

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