Varicose veins are an abnormal expansion of the blood vessels in the cavity behind the pressure caused by the backflow of the blood flowing there. This happens for two reasons: firstly, there is a blockage / stress that seeks reflux, and two before, when the backflow of blood to the heart through the blood vessels is more than normal, which eliminates the blockage / stress.

In these two conditions, the amount of blood flow is caused by a cavity which not only widens the blood vessels, but also meanders and branches. Varicose veins often appear in the leg along the thigh to the calf and also on the soles of the feet. The veins in the leg area are found on the surface and in the lower layer of the skin, which creates a shadow in the form of a vague bluish outline. In circumstances where the veins in the legs have varicose veins, bluish images of the blood vessels behind them are very clearly visible, including an image of coiling or branching.

Varicose veins did not just appear due to cosmetic skin problems that did not look good. The leg caused a bluish picture of the blood vessels. What is worse happens when the area where varicose veins and leg wound infections occur, which leads to a healing process, becomes more difficult and very complicated.

Prevention of varicose veins:

  1. Reduce the use of high heels.
    Fortunately, there is no need to regulate excessive leg support and the use of high heel shoes should be avoided. Use should not be too long or too frequent. With additional body weight, the footwork becomes heavier than normal and the leg muscles perform better. The result of a ebb of the verse singing is that it gets bigger and the pressure is higher.

Using high-heeled shoes increases the distance that can be reached by the blood circulation and causes certain muscles in the legs to exert extra effort. that causes blood pressure compensation at reflux is higher.

2 Rest your leg.
You can regulate the activity of the resting leg and limb position by letting the legs rest during the activity interval. The trick is to stretch your leg and wedge a pillow or two while you are sitting or lying down so that the blood flow is smoothly reversed at normal pressure. Under certain circumstances, an immersion in lukewarm water in the feet and legs prepares to accelerate the back flow of blood.

  1. Always clean and damp
    Always pay attention to hygiene and the skin to avoid injury and infection.

Treatment of varicose veins:

  1. With a stocking.
    To use elastic stockings, you need to wear a special garment in the legs that can apply extra pressure to the veins evenly from your feet to the groin. The shape of special elastic clothing is usually similar to tight stockings or pants.
  2. Substances for injection sclerotherapy.
    This was done on the blood vessels behind (vein), which appears to meander and branch out of the blood vessels to collapse the cavity behind (venous).
  3. surgery.
    This veins surgery (veins) along the leg of the surrounding structures, then discard them.
  4. The combination of these three types of treatment.
    Treat the varicose veins that are produced in the plastic surgeon and give good results, but somehow prevent it from being easier and cheaper than the cure.

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