Treatment suggestions for prolonged hemorrhoids

The prolapsed hemorrhoid is the most advanced stage of the hemorrhoid; The pain is extreme and the discomfort is at its peak. Usually hemorrhoids go through several stages before they reach the staged stages. First, it is felt as a little pain and itching in the anus that may not last too long. This is usually the beginning of the hemorrhoid. It turns into one that can be felt as small bumps in the anus and can be pushed back after a bowel movement. Then it goes into the hemorrhoid stage. The treatment of prolonged hemorrhoids goes beyond pain relief. It should be something that eliminates hemorrhoids quickly.

Hemorrhoids develop when the veins in the rectal spine are under stress. This stress can be caused by a number of things, but for most people, it is due to hard stools. Hard stools can be caused by too little water, and can also be due to excessive consumption of processed foods and less high-fiber foods. Only in pregnant women are hemorrhoids caused by stress caused by the weight of the fetus on the rectal spine.

Treatment for prolonged hemorrhoids may require surgery. This is usually recommended by a doctor. At this point, the hand can feel the growth in the form of bumps and the pain associated with it is usually too great. Surgical interventions for prolapsed hemorrhoids include strangulation with a rubber band or the use of a laser or infrared light to cut the hemorrhoids. This method of treating hemorrhoids is considered invasive and extreme and should only be considered if all other forms of treatment have failed.

Another treatment for premature hemorrhoids is a herbal remedy. By using some herbs, the hemorrhoid shrinks and returns to its original position. Herbal remedies are recommended for those who prefer no surgery. This method of treating hemorrhoids is currently the best, as all other treatments only relieve pain and do not heal. If you are tired of suppositories, creams and ointments, you should try some herbal remedies. They are holistic and have no side effects.

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