A prolapsed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid that has reached its advanced stage. There are basically four stages of hemorrhoids:

The first stage is when the hemorrhoid is internal and itchy and painful during bowel movements.

The second stage is when the hemorrhoids have occurred during bowel movements, but still have enough elastic force to retreat afterwards.

The third stage is when most of the elastic force of the hemorrhoid is gone, but with the help of your hand you can push it back and it will stay there.

The last stage is the prolapsed hemorrhoid. At this point, the hemorrhoid cannot be pushed back under any circumstances. He lost all form of elastic resistance.

At the stage of hemorrhoid prolapse, the pain felt is rather unbearable and the affected person can use one of the following methods as a form of treatment for hemorrhoid prolapse:

· Creams, oils, ointments, lotions and suppositories that can be bought without a prescription. All of this is aimed at providing some relief while the hemorrhoid is healing.

Hot sits are performed on a bowl of hot water diluted with salt. The steam that comes from the hot water attacks the affected area of ​​your anus and leads to faster healing, while restoring elastic strength to the rectal spine. It is a very good treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids.

· Surgery can be done by people who cannot tolerate pain and are willing to have surgery. Surgical procedures involve a bandage, in which the affected part is surrounded by a rubber band that interrupts blood flow to the hemorrhoid and any resulting disintegration or interruption. Another method is laser cutting, in which the blood flow to the affected part is interrupted with the help of a laser.

The best treatments for premature hemorrhoids are herbal remedies that do not involve surgery or creams. You simply adjust your eating habits and take the herbs and the hemorrhoids go away once and for all. If you are having difficulty with surgery, this may be a good option for you. It has no side effects, just make a few adjustments and all the pain will go away. A number of people who have tried herbal remedies have confirmed their effectiveness. You might also want to try it.

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