Hair plugs virtually describe a surgical procedure in which an attempt is made to move healthy hair follicles from a much thicker area of ​​the scalp, the donor site, to the area where hair loss occurs, known as of recipient area. More importantly, a surgical session with multiple ankles may be required, but it depends on the degree of hair loss, thickness and color of the hair. The truth is, hair clogging is essentially a thing of the past, as most clinical sessions today are done with follicular units inserted with pin pants. It still means that there are no plugs and no bangs, but all hair transplants are performed individually and one after another. However, there are certain types of hair transplant techniques that depend on the size and shape of the donor site hair transplant. These techniques are as follows:

Micro grafts
Mini transplants – 3 to 4 hair transplants are done at the same time.
Split grafts – These grafts transplant an average of four to ten hair follicles in a single session.
Stamped grafts – these basically contain between ten and fifteen hair follicles per session.
Strip grafts – A large number of grafts are consumed during this clinical session. During one session, about fifty or more caps can be harvested and transplanted into the bald area.
According to clinical research, patients eligible for transplant had problems with ankles, but not with hair transplants. Some of them also found that the plugs that used five or more hair follicles looked like their hair like those from corn rows or dolls. However, the doctor assured that these patients could later return to their doctor and have them filled between the caps, but also rated this process very unnecessary, especially when using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure.

Hair transplants such as the FUE procedure are way ahead in terms of patient preference. This is the least invasive clinical procedure for reversing hair loss. This happens when a millimeter graft is taken from the scalp behind the head instead of a strip, and each follicular unit typically contains between 1 and 4 hair follicles. Two things, there is no visible scarring at the donor site after the hair transplant is completed which is very much dependent on the skill of the doctor. It is known that many potential patients prefer hair transplants like the NeoGraft System because it is the rave of the moment and probably the best strain after automated FUE technology. With hair transplants like the NeoGraft, a patient can have up to two thousand five hundred (2,500) transplants done in a single session, which unlike the hair transplant technique, is always about six thousand (6,000 ) hair follicles.

It is almost rarely imaginable today that a very experienced hair surgery still uses “plugs”. Techniques. FUT and FUE hair transplants are the new methods used today and the results are extremely natural and long lasting. Newer techniques such as FUE and FUT are known to use both single and double follicles to improve aesthetic results. So these ankles are the old traditional methods of hair transplantation, with the hair loss or baldness being reversed or corrected. Hair transplants are the latest cutting edge technology that is more natural than larger hair transplants, but said to offer lower density. Suffice it to say, hair transplant is definitely a better choice over outdated ankles. Essential, hair pieces have become an outdated hair restoration method compared to current technologies

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