Technology versus cost perspective when choosing the hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure is referred to as shifting or shifting the hair follicles from the donor-aware zone to the recipient’s scalp, where it is likely to implant the follicles to the bald part to the bald part to the bald part, which means the aesthetic results of the disoriented design of the hairline and the correct dense graft pattern of the bald participant. The hair transplant process is gaining in importance and importance from day to day for its long-term results for hair regrowth and the personal conception of the hairline. This is a personal aspect related to the technique of hair transplantation, so that the certain number of hair follicles in one session. The second choice that pertains to this aspect is the cost of hair transplantation for the personal technique that has been growing towards the maximum harvesting of transplants and achieving evaluated results.

In order to control the unpleasantness when planning a hair restoration operation, it is important that you understand both procedures, the suitability for a management procedure on your baldness and your behavior or those responsible.

There are two main types of hair transplant techniques that will be. FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction).

FUT (Funicular Unit Transplant): The FUT technique is an improved and real choice when the number of funicular units needs to be extracted to cover the upper NW class, and when the FUT receives the number of those who are known and known to implant in a pillar session. The FUT hair transplant technique occurs access to patients with the degree and baldness degree and after that special from the surgeon to include a cosmetic result. A FUT hair transplant was performed that required the surgeon to take an aesthetic note to extract the streak disorder and everything else from his and his perfection treatment. It is necessary to cut the area of ​​the strip with the blade with the remover depth, so that the hair roots are viable, and after cutting, we have to help with the hook, so that the superficial line the fins on the hair roots are viable.
Has the surgeon been treated in the FUT procedure?
Will follicle units be seen under a microscope at 20X magnification to minimize the graft transaction rate?
Does your hair transplant the knife with a blade to remove the ligament of the funicular unit from the complete donor part?
Are the technicians well learned and controlled over many years of experience
How many microscopes are used to make the grafts?
Here are some important questions you heard before you go to your clinic for FUT surgery. All the answers you are looking for will be positive from their perspective.
FUE (Funicular Unit Extraction): The procedure for extracting the funicular units during hair transplantation is itself a systematic process for extracting the follicular units, in which surgeons individually remove the funicular units from the buffer by puffing manic 1 mm. This becomes more likely that a damage rate will be achieved, since the procedure relates to the special powers of perfection and the understanding of a surgeon determines the depth of the perception cases and the speculations and the Derange leadership. Extraction of funicular units. Punching and foraging when harvesting hair roots at right angles and in the right direction so that the surgeon effectively extracts the funicular units and the transaction / damage rate of the funicular units is there and higher. FEW is eligible for caregivers who suffer from some degree of baldness with a low degree of NW.
The FUE technique used to take a long time to harvest the transplant and the surgical to change the grafts until it included grafts for the hair restoration to be changed. The FUE technique has a full day to manage the process. There can be several in total, since the transplants lead to the illustration of the bare rights and the recovery time are multiplied per session and time.

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