Strawberry hemangioma treatment in hyderabad


Hemangioma can appear anywhere on the body, but most commonly it occurs on the face, scalp, chest, or back. Treatment for a baby’s hemangioma (infantile hemangioma) is usually not necessary as it will get better over time. A child who has this condition in infancy usually has barely any noticeable signs of growth by the age of 10. You may want to consider treatment if a hemangioma affects vision, breathing, or other function. Strawberry hemangioma treatment in hyderabad


Hemangioma can be present at birth, but is more common in the first few months of life. It starts with a flat red mark all over the body, mostly on the face, scalp, chest, or back. Usually a child only has one grade. Some children may have more than one, especially if they are part of a multiple birth.

During your child’s first year, the red mark will quickly turn into a spongy, rubbery bump that protrudes from the skin. The hemangioma then goes into a dormant phase and eventually begins to slowly go away.

Strawberry hemangioma  before and after
Strawberry hemangioma before and after

The reasons

A hemangioma is made up of extra blood vessels that come together in a tight lump. It is not known what causes the vessels to agglutinate

Risk factors

Hemangiomas are more common in female, white, premature babie


Sometimes a hemangioma can break down and develop a sore. This can lead to pain, bleeding, scarring, or infection. Depending on where the hemangioma is located, it may affect your child’s vision, breathing, hearing, or elimination. However, this is rar

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