Of all the procedures that a cosmetic or plastic surgeon may perform in their day to day practice, the rhinoplasty is often rated the most difficult to perform.  It is the rhinoplasty procedure that society most often uses to judge the skills of a cosmetic surgeon.  A botched nose job sticks out like a sore thumb and will do a great deal to bring criticism to the surgeon – whereas a beautiful and well performed rhinoplasty is the praise of the industry.

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad
Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Hyderabad.

Statistically, the nose is right at the top of the list of things that people notice when they first see or look at someone.  Like it or not, people are judged by the size and shape of their noses.  A 1-millimeter bump changes a straight nose to a rounded nose and this tiny variation is visible from across the average size room.  Human noses are so varied in size and shape that it is very difficult to define what constitutes normal.  There are also variations in nose shapes and sizes amongst different races and ethnicities so there is no way make a one size fits all type of procedure or technique.  This medical specialty really becomes art and science and your results will depend a great deal on the talent of the surgeon you choose and their individual ability to bring out the best in people’s natural features and facial shape and contours.

Top rhinoplasty surgeons will tell you that it takes doing at a minimum 100 procedures to really become proficient at this delicate and often difficult procedure.  You certainly want to do your research when considering rhinoplasty surgery and seek out a top rated cosmetic surgeon who specializes in this procedure and has done many, many rhinoplasty procedures.  You will want to ask to see before and after photos of the surgeon’s work and see if their style and technique is what you believe will give you the results that you are seeking. 
Always consult only a licensed medical doctor or similar medical care facility before undergoing any medical procedure.

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