PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) for hair loss is now the latest trend in the treatment of hair growth and hair loss. PRP treatment for hair loss in men and women is increasingly common and, if done correctly, is found to be effective in correcting hair loss.

Although PRP therapy has been around since the 1980s, doctors have only recently started using it to treat certain types of alopecia. Many user experiences have given good results and the popularity of the method is increasing rapidly.

Hair Loss PRP is a non-surgical procedure that uses stem cells and growth factors from the patient’s own blood to trigger hair growth from dormant or miniaturized hair follicles. The first step is to aspirate the patient’s blood into a special 20-22 cm3 tube, which is then centrifuged in a centrifuge for 15 minutes.

The centrifuge separates the platelets from the rest of the blood. The end product is plasma which has been separated from white and red blood cells. This plasma is then set aside and gravity allows the platelets to fall from the suspension and collect at the bottom of the tube.

This denser area of ​​platelets in plasma is known as platelet rich plasma or PRP. This range is typically 3 to 5 times the concentration of platelets and is the key ingredient to the success of any PRP procedure. Platelet poor plasma, or PPP, is usually collected from the top of the tube and discarded; or in some cases kept for microneedle treatment after PRP injection.

The platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the scalp using one of the following two methods:
Subcutaneous: PRP is injected into the subcutaneous fat layer of the scalp with a longer needle with fewer injections. Gold,
Skin: PRP is injected into the skin layer using a shorter needle and a higher number of injections into the scalp.
Often times, this procedure can be assisted by the use of a cell matrix or A cell in the PRP, followed by microneedling or both.

This therapy is primarily used as a hair growth stimulating method of hair growth and typically requires multiple procedures over a 3-6 month period in order to get the first results. It is important to note that PRP is not approved by the FDA for hair growth and that there are many methods for delivering PRP to the scalp. It is important to review the type of procedures your doctor can perform. You should discuss this with your doctor before starting any treatment and see their photos before and after treatment.

PRP Hair Loss in Women PRP for Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant: PRP can be used in hair transplantation to speed up postoperative recovery. During a hair restoration procedure, some doctors have individual hair grafts immersed in a patient’s PRP before they are inserted into the patient’s scalp. This potentially offers a greater opportunity for healing and promotes a better outcome.

Why PRP Has Shown Results For Hair Loss Treatment
Platelet rich plasma contains about five times the number of platelets found in normal blood. These pads have:

Platelet-derived growth factor
Transformative growth factor
Insulin-like growth factor 1
Vascular endothelial growth factor
Keratinocyte growth factor
All of this has a positive effect on hair growth. Platelets stimulate wound healing and cell repair, and when introduced into the scalp, they appear to be able to repair areas of hair loss. Clinical studies are currently underway to prove its effectiveness. However, these studies will not be completed until 2019. Some previous studies in mice have shown that PRP stimulates the skin papillae. A similar study was performed in mice to assess the effect of activated PRP on hair growth in vivo. Diffuse darkening was noted after injection every three days for fourteen days. Mice injected with activated PRP showed almost complete hair regrowth compared to those that were not.


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