Nothing is more painful than prolapsed hemorrhoids. It is a disease in which the veins around the anus area are swollen or enlarged. It is often accompanied by serious symptoms such as itching, painful irritation and heavy bleeding from the anus. Hemorrhoids can be divided into two categories: internal and external stacks. Internal posts occur when swelling occurs inside the anus, while external posts are those that are visible outside the anus.

Usually, the inside does not appear outside the anus, but if it surprisingly enlarges, it swells outside the anus. This is called prolapsed hemorrhoids. The protuberances appear in groups of reddish-colored soft tissues. They are usually covered with wet rectal mucus. As such, this type of hemorrhoid prolapse is not painful.

As a rule, piles that have occurred are the result of bad eating habits; Age and sometimes hereditary. Pregnancy is also a culprit. The remedies and treatments that are usually used when the condition is not so severe can still be effective for this type of pile. Therapies usually involve natural procedures such as increasing the consumption of high-fiber foods and lots of fluids. The liquid and properly broken food aid enables bowel movements to flow freely in your anus without additional pressure.

But if you really want to prevent hemorrhoids from happening, you need to think about prevention rather than healing. If you stay away from alcohol addiction, smoking, and adequate exercise, make sure you don’t encounter these conditions. But if you’ve ever dealt with batteries, keep in mind that simple things can help you a lot. Hot water baths, ice packs on the affected area can work wonders for swelling and pain. You can also use herbal remedies and apply creams and ointments to relieve swelling, itching, and excruciating pain.

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