A prolapsed hemorrhoid can be defined as the progressive deterioration of internal hemorrhoids or as the next stage in its progression. Longer hemorrhoids are the exit from the inner bundles of hemorrhoids that pass through the anus during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids often occur in patients who are predisposed to constipation. Trying to finish a saddle only makes the situation worse. Therefore, for those who have been diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids, it is very important to follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid constipation.

To avoid constipation, you should follow a high fiber diet and take the recommended water intake (usually 8 glasses).

The first appearance of hemorrhoids is usually relieved by a stool made of hard feces that forms in constipated patients. Groups of internal hemorrhoids can also be drawn through the anal canal and anus outside the body.

Another thing that contributes to the appearance of prolapsed hemorrhoids is that the fibrous tissue that holds the hemorrhoid veins in the surrounding anal cavity can sometimes lose consistency, can no longer hold the veins in place and cause them to slide along the anal canal. Leaves. This usually occurs in the elderly or in patients with a long history of internal hemorrhoid problems and is associated with high pressure in the rectal area.

The condition of hemorrhoids that has occurred can worsen with a condition called thrombosis. Thrombosis occurs when the prolapsed hemorrhoid is strangled or twisted. It quickly becomes a very painful situation.

Prolonged hemorrhoids are known to mysteriously disappear in two to four weeks. In other cases, burns can occur if the blood supply to the hemorrhoids is reduced and the hemorrhoids are strangled, which can lead to a life-threatening situation.

If you have severe hemorrhoids it is very important to see a doctor, but in mild situations ordinary people like you and I can avoid going to the doctor and solving the problems in the privacy of our own four walls.

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