Hernia surgery in Mexico is safe, affordable, and hassle-free. Mexico is an internationally established medical tourism destination and is particularly popular with Americans due to its proximity and high quality of medical care. A hernia is a protrusion of a tissue, structure, or part of an organ through muscle tissue or the membrane in which it is normally contained.

There are different types of hernia, namely inguinal, femoral, hiatal and umbilical etc. And Mexico offers affordable hernia surgery options for all types of hernias.

Inguinal hernias: Inguinal hernias usually occur in men. In an inguinal hernia, part of the intestine slides into the canal and enters the inside of the scrotum. (You can consider India or Mexico for inguinal hernia repair.)
Femoral hernias: This affects both men and women, but especially the latter. An intestinal loop slides along the canal containing the major blood vessels between the abdomen and the thigh and protrudes into the groin and inner thigh region.
Umbilical hernia: An umbilical hernia occurs due to a weakening of the abdominal wall at the site where the umbilical cord is joined. Umbilical hernias usually occur in children.
Hiatus hernia: A hiatus hernia occurs when part of the upper part of the stomach moves up into the diaphragm.
Hernia repair in Mexico

Hernia surgery becomes necessary when the hernias cause pain or interfere with your daily activities.

Open mesh surgery: A small incision is made at the site of the hernia and the displaced tissue is then put back into the abdominal cavity. Then the rupture of the hernia is closed with a sterile mesh stopper. This mesh is in turn secured by suturing another piece of sterile mesh material over it.

Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery: You will be given general anesthesia. The surgeon will insert small tubes through the abdominal wall, one of which is the laparoscopy and operate by seeing the images on a television screen. Then the hernia site is closed in the same way as in open surgery.

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