The Mexican government has opened up air travel to the country for vacation and other purposes since June 2020, although COVID-19 still has the world under control. Airlines take tourists and travelers to a variety of destinations for other purposes, such as business, especially resorts like Huatulco, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and others. What is the reason and are non-Mexicans advised to visit the country now?

While we don’t know everything about the coronavirus, we can assume that people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic (i.e. at normal temperature) and continue to spread it. For the purposes of this document, we are referring to Americans who wish to flee to their preferred Mexican travel destination in the summer of 2020. The US government is believed to allow international travel because it can continue to put its citizens and other residents on. quarantine on their return. If an American becomes ill abroad, the American health care system is not overwhelmed because the person is being treated abroad and is not allowed to board a plane. It is therefore normal that the US government takes this position.

For the Mexican government, this helps tax income if Americans are now vacationing at resorts. And yes, it also helps residents like hotel housekeeping, as well as restaurant and bar staff who would otherwise have no job or no income. But what about the traveler who has the virus and who arrives at the station? He or she can infect the premises!

Our Mexican healthcare system is already overwhelmed by its own citizens and legal residents. As of mid-June, half of the 32 states are still divided into red or orange light. We don’t need Americans (or visitors from other countries) to make the situation worse. either by infecting the Mexicans, or by becoming symptomatic themselves. Additionally, Mexicans, especially villagers, are generally not as aware of wearing masks and social distancing as Americans in urban areas. Visitors are therefore more likely to be infected with COVID-19 when visiting Mexicans than when staying at home. Do you want to be stuck in a Mexican clinic or hospital? Is it fair to locals and their health care system?

A daily from Oaxaca, the state where the resort is located, reported on June 19, 2020 that the death toll from COVID-19 was 420 at the time. Seventy-seven of these deaths have occurred in the past four days! It was also reported that the street vendors returned to the popular downtown Las Casas street, after a brief break, without practicing social distancing. When it comes to covering the face, maybe half of passers-by follow this recommendation.

You might think that lying on the beach will be a lot different and that it’s easy to create social distancing. But think of the woman who comes to you with jewelry and tacos. Do you want to infect them? Do you want her to infect you?

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