Ischemic colitis Treatment Hyderabad


Where ischemic colitis occurs
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Ischemic colitis occurs when blood flow to part of the colon (large intestine) is temporarily reduced, usually due to narrowing of the blood vessels supplying the colon or decreased blood flow to the vessels due to low pressures. The decreased blood flow is not providing the cells in your digestive system with enough oxygen, which can damage the tissues in the affected intestinal area.Ischemic colitis Treatment Hyderabad

Any part of the colon can be affected, but ischemic colitis most often causes pain on the left side of the stomach area (abdomen).


Signs and symptoms of ischemic colitis can include:
Ischemic colitis Treatment Hyderabad

The reasons

The exact cause of the decrease in blood flow to the colon is not always clear. Several factors can increase your risk of ischemic colitis:Ischemic colitis Treatment Hyderabad

Risk factors

Risk factors for ischemic colitis are:
Ischemic colitis Treatment Hyderabad


Since the cause of ischemic colitis is not always clear, there is no surefire way to prevent the disorder. Most people with ischemic colitis recover quickly and may never have an episode again.Ischemic colitis Treatment Hyderabad

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