When a total hysterectomy is performed, it is a complete removal of the uterus and ovaries. This certainly excludes the possibility of ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy. However, this is a grim recommendation for women who still want children. Here are some other options before undergoing surgery.

If the hysterectomy is used to treat malignant cysts, a total hysterectomy (uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries) may be recommended to the woman to prevent cancer from coming back.

A woman’s greatest fear can be a hysterectomy, especially if she is young or has no children. For a woman who is premenopausal and wants to get her ovaries, an oophrectomy can be done instead, so that half of the ovaries and uterus are preserved.

A woman may also wonder if she still has problems with ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy and if so, why is a hysterectomy being performed, or why the procedure does not completely remove the ovaries. ‘Hysterectomy?

If total hysterectomy is recommended because the woman has cancer and is older, or because the cancer is at its stage, or because it is aggressive cancer, there is no chance of recurrence. Ovarian cysts or ovarian cancer.

FAQs about ovarian cysts after hysterectomy

Do I need to have a hysterectomy to remove cysts from the ovaries?

The only clear reason for a hysterectomy with ovarian cysts is that the cysts are cancerous and the uterus needs to be removed to extract the cancer or stop it from spreading. Other reasons for a hysterectomy can be severe infections, uncontrolled bleeding related to childbirth or a broken uterus.

Do I still have ovaries after a hysterectomy?

It is possible to keep the ovaries during a partial hysterectomy. If the woman wishes to have her uterus, an oophrectomy may be performed instead under certain circumstances. In this case, the uterus and ovaries can be preserved on one side.

Can I have ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy?

If it is a partial hysterectomy that preserves one or both sides of the ovaries, ovarian cysts may appear after the hysterectomy. Only a total hysterectomy leads to the removal of the ovaries and thus the possibility of future cysts on the ovaries.

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