Know Everything Today about Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Treatment

Artificial insemination (AI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Insemination is the introduction of sperm into the female uterus during intercourse. Natural insemination refers to the insemination that takes place during sexual intercourse, while artificial insemination occurs without intercourse. Artificial insemination is an assisted reproductive technology, primarily used to treat infertility. This procedure is considered the least invasive ART, alongside fertility drugs.

Let’s talk more closely about artificial insemination:

Essentially, artificial insemination is used to help the male’s sperm reach the female’s egg.

This involves placing the sperm of a sperm donor into a woman’s reproductive system by artificial means, so that the female can be impregnated, without intercourse. It is about placing a dose of semen in a woman’s uterus at the right time to optimize her chances of getting pregnant. It is used by women whose partner is infertile (ie, genetic disorder) or by women without a male partner (ie, single women and lesbians).

This fertility treatment can also be used for couples who are trying to conceive and who have allergies to semen. Up to 25% of couples who have difficulty conceiving may have semen allergies. Among people with allergies to semen, 20% to 40% are able to conceive using artificial insemination or treatment with assisted reproduction technology.

In the case of male infertility, this technique is most commonly used when the male has low sperm count or low motility, or there is an incompatibility between sperm and cervical mucus. It can also be used when the male partner is unable to ejaculate inside the woman’s vagina due to impotence, premature ejaculation, or other medical conditions.

This type of procedure may involve one of two options: intrauterine insemination and intracervical insemination. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) involves placing sperm (either partner sperm or donor sperm) directly into the woman’s uterus, near the time of ovulation. Intracervical insemination (ICI) involves placing the sperm in the woman’s cervix. Intrauterine insemination increases the chances of pregnancy because the sperm are placed directly into the uterus and not into the cervix. This improves the delivery of sperm to the egg.

Semen is either freshly ejaculated semen or semen that has been frozen and thawed. Male is advised to abstain from having sex for 2-3 days before giving the sample in order to increase the sperm count. The male will provide a semen sample 1 to 2 hours, usually by masturbation, before the procedure.

The semen will be washed so that the semen is separated from the seminal fluid and the quality of the semen is analyzed. After washing, the sperm is injected into the uterus, using a small catheter. It only takes a few minutes, usually causes no discomfort for the woman, and the patient can resume normal activity immediately after the procedure.

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When is the IUI the best choice?

Male infertility – If the male partner is unable to produce an adequate amount of sperm or the sperm lacks the required motility, IUI treatment is the best option.
Unexplained Infertility – Many healthy couples fail to carry a baby for unexplained reasons. When fertility drugs do not work as expected, IUI treatment can help you reach the goal.

Painful intercourse – Many women suffer from uterine and ovarian problems which cause painful intercourse. There could be several other reasons leading to apinful sex. The IUI treatment can become a blessing here to help the couple conceive a child.


Who needs IUI treatment?

  1. Patients with the following conditions may get the best results from IUI treatment:
  2. Patients with blocked fallopian tubes
  3. Cervical canal abnormalities
  4. PCOS
  5. Ovulation disorder
  6. Low sperm motility in men
  7. Couples with male or female infertility
  8. Advanced stages of endometriosis


The IUI fertility treatment is performed in a fertility clinic. If you are relying on a sperm donor for the process, the donor’s sperm will be thawed and prepared. if you are using your partner’s semen, their semen will be evaluated first. The male partner can also use the semen from a sterile home collection kit, but must send the semen to the clinic within an hour of collection. It should be noted that the collected semen is stored at room temperature until it reaches the clinic. In the clinic, the sperm would go through a “ washing ” procedure in order to remove all impurities from it, leaving only what is needed to get the woman pregnant The woman should lie on her back, as with everything cervix / vaginal exam . The doctor uses a speculum to gently open the vagina. The “washed” sperm will then be placed inside the uterus through the catheter. Since the sperm is placed directly inside the uterus, there is no chance that the sperm will fall out. However, you will remain lying on the examination table for 10 to 30 minutes after insemination.

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