Intracranial hematoma Treatment in Hyderabad


An intracranial hematoma is a build-up of blood in the skull. It’s mostly caused by a ruptured blood vessel in the brain or by trauma like a car accident or fall. Blood can be drawn from the brain tissue or from under the skull by pressing on the brain.

Some head injuries, such as B. one that causes only a brief loss of consciousness can be minor. However, an intracranial hematoma is potentially fatal. It usually requires immediate treatment, including surgery to remove the blood. Intracranial hematoma Treatment in Hyderabad


You may develop signs and symptoms of an intracranial hematoma immediately after a head injury, or it may take weeks or more to occur. You can look great after a head injury, a period called a clear interval.

However, over time, the pressure on your brain increases, leading to some or all of the following signs and symptoms:

The reasons

Head trauma is the most common cause of bleeding in the skull. Head trauma can be caused by car or bicycle accidents, falls, assaults, and sports injuries.

If you are an elderly person, even a minor head injury can cause a hematoma. This is especially true if you are taking an anticoagulant or an anti-platelet agent such as aspirin.

You can have a serious injury even if there is no open wound, bruise, or other obvious damage.


To prevent or minimize head injuries:

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