Inguinal hernia – a common illness that you should know more about

Hernia and especially hernia is a very common and common disease that affects millions of people. Although many suffer from it and the pain it causes can be unbearable, it is not very much discussed in the medical community, and very rarely. You hear news about hernias or inguinal hernias. It is a fairly serious condition, so more people should be aware of their and their symptoms so they know how to deal with it if they or a family member have a hernia, as mentioned earlier, as mentioned earlier Disease is very common and many people have or have had problems with hernias.

Hernia (general) occurs when certain muscles weaken and part of the underlying tissue can slide through a small opening that arises due to the weakness. A hernia occurs when the muscles in the groin weaken and the intestine below slides through an opening in the groin. The first sign that occurs is a small lump near the thigh, which is soon followed by pain in that area. A person with a hernia has pain in the groin and thigh area when coughing or lifting heavy objects.

Muscle weakness occurs over time and the body ages, but the origins of this weakness go back to birth, when in many people the peritoneum does not close completely. If you have muscle weakness, your intestines go through the opening when you lift something heavy or are obese. Sometimes pregnancy can also cause the intestines to slide in women. More women have a hernia than men, but anyone can get the disease at any age.

Inguinal hernia is not a dangerous disease, and many prefer to delay surgery and live with their condition by trying not to lift heavy objects. However, this is a misunderstanding. You can delay the surgery, but you need to repair the hernia, as complications have often arisen if the inguinal hernia has not been treated. These complications can be serious and potentially life threatening. So try to avoid problems from hernia surgery. It is not a painful surgery with long weeks of recovery, the techniques have improved so that it is no longer painful at all and you will recover in a few days, living much better than the disease and avoiding a thigh for years . If the bulge caused by the hernia is painful enough and gets bigger, you need to have surgery as soon as possible as this is a sign that complications are on the way.

Inguinal hernia is a very common disease that has been treated and treated for centuries. So you don’t have to be afraid or avoid surgery if you find you have it. As soon as you see a bulge in your groin, contact your doctor and listen to their treatment advice.

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