Piles, fistulas, and fissures are part of the disease and currents of the anorectal anatomy. A pile is one of the most common human illnesses indicated by painless bleeding due to swelling of blood vessels in the anal canal.

Fistulas are a small, abnormal opening next to the anus from which anal discharge occurs repeatedly.

Crack with skin patches causing painful bleeding due to a small incision or scar on the anal edge.

With a horoscope analyzer, the astrologer can accurately predict the possibilities and timing of anal diseases.

Factors responsible for anal diseases

Signs of Scorpio: pelvic region, rectum, sacrum, colon and bladder

Moon: intestinal functions

Mercury: intestines, worms,

March: infections and diseases, risk of infection, inflammation

Jupiter: Clusters, tumors,

Saturn / Rahu: chronic illnesses

6th house: diseases

8th house: fistula, heap, rectal infection

Different combinations for anal diseases


Saturn on Ascendant and Moon on 6th / 8th Captured by Mars, the native may suffer from battery problem

8th Lord as a cruel planet which was placed in 7th place without the influence of a beneficent planet

· Lord Ascendant, Saturn and Mars in the 12th house.

Saturn is seen by the Lord of the Ascendant and by Mars

Saturn on the Ascendant and Mars on the 7th Poses the Battery Problem

The Lord of the Ascendant is chosen by Mars

· Mars is in the sign of Scorpio and the Ascendant is not influenced by Jupiter and Venus. The possibilities of having batteries increase

Rahu placed 8th, reference to the stack

Lord of the Ascendant, Mars and Mercury on 6/8 ./12


Rahu in 8th place and chosen by Mars, native can suffer from fistula

Saturn weak on ascending, Native is venerable for fistula

Jupiter, The Lords of 6th and 8th Place to 7th / 8th Place

The Lord of the Ascendant and Mars do not rule on the signature Virgo / with Mercury / of Mercury, the probability that the fistula will get bigger


Saturn is in 12th place and is considered a criminal. The fall of a crack increases

Saturn in the ascendant, Mars in the sign of Scorpio in 7th place and the ascendant is not influenced by Jupiter, the native can have the kolumns of the disease

Saturn in the 7 and the native was born in the daytime, cracks can occur

Mars is 9th in the sign of Scorpio

Only Mars is in 6th place, the native may have a crack

Saturn in the sign Scorpio in the 7th place, Mars in the 9th place and native was born in the day, the conversion of cracks increases

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