How to bring back an internal hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are very common in middle-aged people. This condition results from the inflammation of the blood vessels that results from all types of trauma around the rectum and anus. This condition is generally irritating, painful, and intolerable to most people who suffer from it. And if left untreated, this condition can get worse.

Usually, hemorrhoids are diagnosed by a number of suitable examinations that are performed by a doctor. It is imperative that any type of stool change, bleeding and rectal pain are examined immediately to rule out other serious conditions such as colon cancer. Usually, the doctor will examine the rectum and anus and look for abnormalities such as swelling, protrusions, and pain. Not all hemorrhoids protrude outside the anus, which is why a digital rectal exam is essential. This is usually done with a gloved, lubricated hand to identify any protrusions that can be felt from the inside.

A more thorough diagnosis would require a more thorough assessment of the rectum with an anoscope so that the doctor can better see the anus from the inside. A protoscope can be used to give the doctor an overview of the rectum in internal hemorrhoids.

To rule out other causes of bleeding, a doctor usually examines the entire rectum and lower part of the colon with a colonoscopy. This procedure involves the use of well-lit multi-purpose tubes that are inserted through the rectum to reveal the sigmoid and colon in hernias.

Treatment for hemorrhoids varies from person to person. Every case of hemorrhoids can be treated differently. Some hemorrhoids can be treated with simple lifestyle changes, while others require other treatments, e.g. B. surgery to correct the hernias inside or outside.

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