A Covid-19 review must take place

There is a lot of speculation online about the origins of the corona virus. The most likely source is an animal market in Wuhan, China. It is understood that the animals in these markets are kept in such unsanitary conditions that in other countries it is considered cruelty to animals. However, this is not the first time that such a virus has entered its destructive lifestyle in humans. Another is Sars.

Another theory is that the corona virus started in a lab in Wuhan. This has been suggested by some American politicians. There is an old saying: “There is no smoke without fire”, so it may have some value, but it is difficult to find evidence without evidence, and China in particular will hardly work with investigations. if she behaves badly.

America, and President Trump in particular, is not afraid to point the finger at China. It is a pity that other countries do not follow. I suspect that so many of them rely on China for trade and tourism that they are too afraid to speak out for insulting their Chinese trading partners.

At the heart of global problems seems to be that there is no country with higher authority. Of course, some rogue countries have sanctioned them, but many First World countries can hardly claim to be perfectly clear on human rights and other issues.

Arrogance seems to be the problem. Nobody tells us what to do!

Is it a coincidence that the United States and the United Kingdom are the countries most affected by Covid-19, which both consider so many others as the mother country? Some of the smaller countries have at least been humble when they look at what has happened to Covid-19 in other countries and learn how to use it. not only their successes, but also their mistakes. Arrogance says, “We’ll do it our way.”

There is no doubt that an investigation into the origin of the corona virus must be carried out, but who will force China to cooperate?

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of the need to investigate the origin of the corona virus and threatened China not to start exporting meat.

What should they hide (China)?

The behavior of other countries affects others. The migration crisis caused by human rights violations in some countries is a perfect example.

The United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Commission on Human Rights and Amnesty International are doing good work around the world, but none of them has the power to compel a countries in particular to do so.

There must be an organization to which all countries are subject.

I think New Zealand, Australia and other countries need to broaden their horizons and look for new markets. Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea were all responsible for processing covid-19. So why not explore their markets and open tourist routes with these countries? We are too dependent on China to deal with economic extortion.

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