Natural home remedies for constipation are important, but if you first understand the disease and its causes, you can get the best results. Above all, you need to understand that constipation can lead to serious complications. It is therefore time to put an end to this.

What is constipation?

Constipation is an indigestion in which a person has dry, hard feces that is difficult to pass. This usually happens when late eating moves through the gastrointestinal tract and the colon can absorb an excessive amount of water. Stool can be excessively painful and, in severe cases, lead to bowel obstruction, which prevents gas and stool from passing through. Constipation occurs in 2% of people and is very common in the elderly, children and women.

Causes of constipation

The main cause of this condition is strong physical activity and inadequate intake of fluids or fiber. People are often unaware that there are many conventional medications that can cause constipation, including narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. Some people suffer from this condition after consuming dairy products. Other reasons include irritable bowel syndrome, pregnancy, aging, ignorance of the bowel drive, paralysis, misuse of laxatives and problems with the colon or rectum.

Complications from constipation

The condition allows feces to form in the body, which releases toxins and leads to various diseases. Some of them are high blood pressure, rheumatism, cataracts, arthritis and appendicitis.

Hard feces stretches the sphincter. This can lead to hemorrhoids, fissures, or rectal prolapse if a small amount of rectal tissue protrudes from the anus.

Home remedies for constipation in children and adults

Regardless of the cause of constipation, the following natural constipation remedies provide quick relief:

Bryonia Alba 12x or 30c: constipation with a feeling of dryness in the rectum and large, dry stools that are difficult to pass, with tearing or stinging pain. The person is angry and can be tense in business matters.

Graphite 12x or 30c: The droppings are large and show small balls attached with slime. After the bowel is moved, there is pain in the anus. Those who need graphite tend to get eczema, usually large, and take the time to be vigilant in the morning.

Nux Vomica 12x or 30c: there is an ineffective desire to defecate or only a small amount of feces is expelled. Constipation can alternate with diarrhea. Nux Vomica is especially useful when constipation occurs due to excessive consumption of coffee or tea and a sedentary lifestyle. Other indicators of this remedy are the tendency to catch a cold and be hypersensitive.

Sepia Officinalis 12x or 30c: After a bowel movement there is a strong feeling in the rectum. Feces are difficult to pass, although they can be small. The person usually has cold hands and feet, is very irritable and tired. Sepia officinalis is also useful for women who have constipation shortly after or before or after their period.

Silicea Terra 12x or 30c: Individual trunks without success for a long time. The chair begins to pass, but eventually withdraws. Those who need this remedy are mentally acute and nervous, but also physically fragile, cold, and easily exhausted.

Sulfur 12x or 30c: dry, hard stool with anal inflammation and offensive gas. Constipation can alternate with diarrhea. Those who need sulfur usually have very little interest in cleanliness, fascinating mental beliefs, and a relaxed attitude.

Compendium Balaclava 12x or 30c: People who need this remedy have a constant indigestion with bloating and gases and many problems with the intestine. Drinking a hot drink or rubbing your belly can help relieve the symptoms. Other indicators of Compendium include low energy in the late afternoon and early evening and candy cravings

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