Does moist red tissue protrude from your anus during bowel movements? We call it a prolapsed hemorrhoid. He may be painless, but hopefully he doesn’t have a blood clot and develops into thrombosed hemorrhoids as it can be very painful.

There are different degrees of hemorrhoids. With first degree hemorrhoids, no tissue protrudes from the anal canal. In the second degree, a lump of moist red tissue protrudes from your anus (called a prolapsed hemorrhoid), but withdraws spontaneously after a bowel movement. In the third degree, the hemorrhoid that has arisen does not withdraw without manually reintroducing it. In the fourth degree, they are usually strangled or thrombosed and cannot be replaced.

Are you afraid of red tissue coming from the anus? While they are not third degree painful as described above, they can be quite uncomfortable. They are irritated by itchy rectals, protruding tissue in the anus, blood in the stool or on dirty toilet paper and underwear. You also cannot end a bowel movement.

There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids that have occurred. There are home remedies and natural ways to reduce the discomfort and pain. It is important to keep them clean by frequently taking a hot hip bath and using special medical wipes to relieve itching and pain. Pain can be reduced with light manual pressure.

Patients should minimize the sitting position. It is also advisable to eat / take stool softeners. Some people use petroleum jelly. The use of suppositories is also a good treatment if the anus allows its insertion. The anus can be cleaned with specially prepared towels that work like medical creams.

Some people use Preparation-H, a treatment specially designed to relieve pain and itching while reducing the size of hemorrhoids. Medical treatment for hemorrhoidal events includes injection sclerotherapy, mucosal bandaging or surgical restoration, and plastic repair of the anus and rectum.

If natural treatment is preferred to avoid drugs and other harmful chemicals, I would like to share with you my extensive research on folk medicine, home remedies and other natural treatments, as well as modern methods from medical journals for the treatment of hemorrhoids. in mild to worse cases. I have a compilation of the best natural treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids that really works.

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