It is usually noticed that when a person feels a problem in the ear, they first feel pain in the inner part of their ear. This depends on the type of hearing problem a user is facing. In this situation, an audiologist should therefore be consulted to cure the hearing pain. Since a patient cannot fully diagnose their problem with a specialist, ignoring such a problem can lead to a serious position of the patient. In addition, the doctor will likely recommend hearing aids in the event of hearing loss.

Types of hearing problems

There are different types of hearing disorders depending on the situation. These problems are mentioned in turn:

Conductive hearing

It is characterized by the fact that the weather outside or in the middle of the year leads to hearing loss and pain. The person also has mild hearing loss and could have vision loss.

Sensory hearing loss
Sensory hearing loss has occurred due to cochlear dysfunction in the ear. In this case, tiny special auditory cells are damaged and it severely affects the person’s hearing in relation to the conductive hearing difficulties. The person with this problem cannot distinguish the sounds around them.

Neural type of hearing problems:

Hearing problems of the neural type have occurred due to a problem with the cochlea and the brain. Since it is also considered a nervous problem because only the nerve transports important sensory information from the cochlea to the brain, the nerve is mainly affected in the neuronal type of hearing loss. Sometimes this problem also arises due to hereditary traits that occur during a person’s growth.

There are other hearing losses for various reasons, but they are only temporary. For example, if a person is used to hearing high voices, it will become very difficult for them to hear relatively quiet voices after a while.

How the hearing aid works:

To eliminate various hearing loss problems, you can use different hearing aids depending on the type of hearing loss. Different hearing aids can have different designs, but perform the same function.

Structure of the hearing aid

Most hearing aids consist of a microphone amplifier speaker and a battery. Each part has its own role to achieve the best quality. These devices are very sensitive and only a careless attitude can lead to losses.

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