Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad


Hantavirus lung syndrome is an infectious disease characterized by flu-like symptoms that can quickly lead to life-threatening breathing problems.

Different types of hantavirus can cause hantavirus lung syndrome. They are carried by different types of rodents, in particular the deer mouse. They are mainly infected through breath air, which is infected with hantaviruses, which spread in the urine and feces of rodents.

Because treatment options are limited, the best protection against hantavirus lung syndrome is to avoid rodents and their habitats. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad


The hantavirus lung syndrome has two different stages. In the first phase, you may experience flu-like signs and symptoms, including:

The reasons

Each type of hantavirus has a preferred parent. Deer mouse is the primary vector of the virus responsible for most cases of hantavirus lung syndrome in North America. Other hantavirus carriers include the white tailed mouse, the cotton rat, and the rice rat. Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Treatment in Hyderabad

Risk factors

The risk of developing hantavirus lung syndrome is higher in people who work, live, or play in rooms where rodents live. Factors and activities that increase risk include:


Keeping rodents away from your home and work can lower your risk of hantavirus infection. Try these tips:

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