Many people struggling with hair loss wonder if a hair transplant is the answer to their problems, and many are even afraid of the word “surgery”. Older people have seen others with transplants that are for the world view. Typical transplant questions and fears: “Becomes extreme”, “It is treated badly”, “Not my own hair”, “Transplant hair no longer lasts and becomes expensive with age”, “expensive”. These are some of the questions many people ask themselves when they hear the term hair transplant. Are these perceptions true or false? Well, as a victim of frequent hair loss and transplant patients, I want to shed some light on anyone who is wondering. In my blog “Ask the Hair Loss Expert” I go into great detail about my hair loss history and possible redemption with before and after photos. In summary, when I was 22, I heard about hair loss that changed with age. I had my first hair transplant when I was 35. I was so important that at 37 I had another one that I really didn’t learn. Now I’m 39 and 30. If you don’t believe me, visit my blog and yourself.

Now let me share some of the above rights or even questions about hair transplants:

  1. Does it work? Pain is a term that needs to be put into perspective. Everyone has a different need for pain than the right one. I can hear the pain and say that going to the dentist is more painful than having the right surgeon do a hair transplant. The key word is a “real surgeon”. The surgeon only needs an expert in breast hair transplantation. Clipping the donor area is the dream process of the surgical operation, and here some people have experienced great pain from the surgeons in the past. When the surgeon is repaired, the pain and discomfort is minimal. One day after my operation I explained DVD films in a row, ate sushi to talk to, talked to my wife about the whole operation and the right to injuries shouldn’t be a problem for me.
  2. Is it wrong? If it is the surgeon, the answer to this question is “no”. A hairline was pulled back before the operation and I was bald. After the surgery and I swear by this statement, I still haven’t done it when I had a hair transplant. It’s so fun to hear from people I haven’t seen in a long time when I see people from head to toe and show their own comments on how I look and how I’ve lost all my weight. The funny thing is that after I got married, I heard and lost weight, but my transplant was so natural that nobody had any idea.
  3. Is it my own hair? Yes, the transplanted hair is 100% your tested hair that you heard from the donor area.
  4. Does the transplanted hair grow and hold? Absolutely yes. After the operation, I heard that you take Propecia every two to three days to stop hair loss. I am approaching my forties and from the age of 35, when I had my first transplant, I was not worried or saw any hair loss on the transplanted hair.
  5. Is it expensive? This depends on the number of grafts and especially where you leave the hair transplant. I told you that a hair transplant in Los Angeles or New York is much more than in Canada. I got my price in Son Angeles because of the cost, but because of the surgeon. Fortunately, the cost of operating in Canada.

Many believe that a hair transplant is the perfect remedy for hair loss. Let yourself be fooled into being satisfied with magic pills, shampoos or foams etc. It is full of fog and garbage. There are no pills and natural supplements that have hair loss or behavioral names like Propecia and Pro villus and Profanation.

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