A successful hair transplant is tired of using hair products and drugs to regrow your hair and can help change your life as a whole. Hair transplantation is a very practical and effective technique for medical hair restoration.

The hair restoration surgery procedure involves removing the strips of hair from the donor area or from the back of the scalp after the area has been anesthetized with a local anesthetic. The hair transplant doctor performs a detailed examination under a binocular microscope and perceives the graft reception sites with a fine needle. The desired areas are then removed with a special instrument. Then the bald spots are anesthetized and small slits are made. Hair transplants are properly prepared and carefully placed in the prepared area above the bald areas. Then a small bandage is put on for additional protection (only for nighttime use).

Hair restoration surgery can bring amazing results if done correctly. In fact, it becomes really difficult to tell if the hair is natural or if it has been transplanted. Hair transplantation is also convenient because it takes much less time to sort out the follicular units and transplant them to the problem areas. In addition, the transplanted hair can have a lifespan or at least as long as the hair remains in the area from which the grafts were taken. And the process is a wise feeling, the corn not a reel discomfort. However, any discomfort that may arise is mild and is easily relieved by pain relievers.

After the procedure, the transplanted hair usually falls out within four weeks, then new hair begins to grow (around ten weeks later) and continues to grow for up to a year. Your transplanted hair grows at around 1/4 inch per month, much like your normal hair.

You have to talk about the cost of hair restoration, it can range from $ 3,000 to $ 20,000. The cost of your hair transplant largely depends on the number of transplants you need and / or the number of sessions you need to perform. Doctors or surgeons may also charge a fee per hair transplant (general this can range from $ 3.00 per transplant to $ 10.00 per transplant). It is part of the queue of hair meets variety from person to person. Therefore, it is important to consult a hair restoration doctor before choosing. Also think about other costs, like the price of additional medications, blood tests, anesthesia, and setup fees, while calculating the cost of hair restoration.

You also discuss the risks, benefits, and harms of each surgical method with your doctor. Whichever surgical method you choose, it is important to do adequate research and consider your personal needs.

And it is more useful to visit the website of a doctor who specializes in hair transplantation. The website helps you get the information you need before making this important decision. You can also find information about this surgeon, including the surgical methods he uses, their experience, patient reports, and other important information about the surgery.

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