Hair Transplant Surgeon – How To Find The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon For You

Are you looking for the right hair transplant surgeon? Finding the best surgeon for your hair transplant is crucial. Trust me from someone who was with a man for the first time who had a cut (and had catastrophic consequences).

While you can find many hair replacement surgeons with a simple Google search, how do you know if they are actually qualified? How do you know that you can be sure that they will give you the most natural hairline and use the latest surgical methods?

This article describes what to look for when counseling various hair transplant doctors. Here are some key questions:

1 What types of transplant methods / techniques do you use?

There are actually only a few different techniques – FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation – or Strip Surgery) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Different specialists may label them with different names – but it’s basically the same thing. At FUT, a strip of donor hair (usually from the back and sides of your head) is taken and then the hair is removed for transplanting to the bald area.

At FUE, individual hairs are harvested from the donor area and transplanted. No trace of skin (and no scar) is taken. The longer the recovery time, the shorter it is.

Some doctors only use the FUT technique, while others offer both FUT and FUE. Talk to each doctor about what they have to offer, their experience with each technique, the benefits they recommend for your situation, etc. – because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Does the doctor seem aware of the latest industrial methods? Does the surgeon wish to adapt the surgery to your individual situation, your age, your face shape, etc.? or do you follow a uniform philosophy? Do you have any experience in designing natural looking hair lines? Asking these questions will give you an idea of ​​the surgeon’s experience and skills.

2 What hair density can you afford?

Can they give you the look you want? And what do they say you can expect?

For example, an experienced surgeon will not promise the moon or shine too well to be true. They give you a realistic view of what to expect.

Anyone who promises full hair after surgery is lying. The truth is, a transplant doesn’t give you full hair. However, an experienced surgeon can redistribute the hair (depending on how much donor hair you have and the size of your bald head) to look like full hair.

3 How long has the surgeon been performing transplants?

The more experience, the better it is here. Make sure you know the surgeon, his experience and his training.

You can also contact the local licensing authority to make sure your surgeon is fully licensed. You also want to go with someone who only does hair transplants – no transplants, nose surgery, tummy tucks, etc.

4 Can you talk to customers or see photos?

You always want to see a sample of the surgeon’s work – and the more photos the better.

It also helps you get a realistic idea of ​​what the surgeon can do for you. It’s even better if you can tell patients about their experience (however, this isn’t always possible as many patients prefer to remain anonymous).

If the hair transplant surgeon doesn’t show you pictures or their work, take that as a bad sign and leave it.

The perfect way to find the best hair transplant surgeon is to take your time and see as many doctors as possible. Ask yourself if they seem to be up to date with the latest techniques and if they seem realistic about what they can do for you. The more research you do, the more likely you are to find a hair transplant surgeon – and the more likely you are to be satisfied with the results.

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