Gynecomastia surgery cost Yadagirigutta, What Gynecomastia Medication is Available

Gynecomastia surgery cost Yadagirigutta – A couple of years ago, I was unfortunate enough to have a friend tell me that I had man boobs. Let me just say that I was not very happy. So, I started doing my own research. I learned that the medical name was gynecomastia. There are hundreds of possible reasons that men get gynecomastia. Most males get it as a teenager due to hormonal imbalances, but usually the enlarged breasts ago away with age. However, even if they go away, they can still come back later. In this article, I will be covering the topic of gynecomastia medication.

Some of the popular ways to get rid of gynecomastia are surgery, exercise, diet and just recently taking medication. Gynecomastia medication will probably not be mentioned by your doctor for two reasons. The first reason is that the main prescription drug tamoxifen has some bad effects and also, they would much rather that you have surgery, because they get paid more.

Tamoxifen was originally developed for treating breast cancer in women, but has also worked for gynecomastia in many cases. The bad thing about tamoxifen is that it is carcinogenic, which means it could cause cancer. Also, it causes a decrease in libido. Another gynecomastia medication that has been used is called dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is used as a topical gel to treat gynecomastia. The absorption rate of the gel is around 10% and it is usually applied to chest once or twice a day until the gynecomastia is gone. Gynecomastia surgery Yadagirigutta

So there you have it. I have provided you with two types of gynecomastia medication that could potentially heal your condition. Tamoxifen is available by prescription only, and DHT gel is available over the counter. If you are not a fan of medication and would prefer something natural, there are many gynecomastia natural supplements available. For more information on natural supplements, visit the website below.