Gynecomastia surgery cost Jagtial – (GYNECOMASTIA) Male breast is fairly common physiologic phenomenon occurring in men during puberty and later on in life. In teenagers, gynecomastia is generally characterized by an enlargement of the glandular tissue beneath the nipple and in older men it is often characterized by a fatty tissue in the chest area.

Since the causes of gynecomastia in teenagers and older men are different, it follows that gynecomastia treatments are also different. However, some of the treatments are applicable to all ages.

1. Treatment of Gynecomastia has continued to evolve over the ages

In the past, people used herbal remedies as treatment for man boobs. However, there has been development of supplements and mediations to cure man boobs. This has been due to technological advances and these products are better since:

1) They have been tried and tested.
2) It is very hard to find natural gynecomastia treatments that work since some are just scams, especially those found online.

2. Low cost breast reduction with no scarring

Surgery used to be prohibitively expensive. It also had other disadvantages such as the risk of infections and scarring. However, it is now possible to get low cost breast reduction surgery with minimal scarring.

However, you should not rush to this option because you will be treating the symptom and not the actual problem and there is still a risk of infections.

3. Cutting weight to eliminate man boobs

Older men get man boobs due to obesity or being overweight. It therefore follows that cutting weight will eliminate man boobs in such men. This can be achieved by two gynecomastia treatments:

1) Taking the right diet reduces the chances of fat accumulation. Your diet should not contain a lot of sugars and processed foods and it should be balanced.
2) Exercising increases your metabolism and enables your body to burn fats faster and it also burns the fat in the chest directly

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