Before looking for a gynecomastia cure, it is necessary for you to understand the condition well. Man boobs, or gynecomastia, refers to a condition that occurs in men whereby their breasts enlarge due to several reasons. It may be hormone imbalances or genetic, but in most cases it is caused by excess fat in the body.

There are different types of gynecomastia, all characterized by enlarged breasts in men. “Puffy nipples” is one type that is very common, where the nipples enlarge and become sensitive. Another common type is in adolescents which, as its name suggests, appears in puberty and can be a source of great distress to male teenagers. The most common, or the most talked about, is when it occurs in adulthood. The condition may have been there since puberty or simply developed in male adult years.

Gynecomastia cures are available to treat the underlying cause of man boobs. The ideal method of curing man boobs is by changes in diet and exercise, but you can choose other methods of treatment, especially if the cause is not due to excess fat but hereditary or hormonal imbalance.

If the cause is genetic, there are pills that one can take to cure gynecomastia. These medicines contain ingredients that decrease fat specifically in the chest area, as well as reduce your appetite to encourage you to eat less. The changes in breast size for men can be permanent after taking these pills as long as a good diet and lifestyle is maintained.

Breast reduction surgery and liposuction are also options that you can consider as a gynecomastia cure. These are quite expensive but the results are also permanent. You will only have to deal with the scars left after the operation, but if good care is taken, you can heal completely with little or no traces of the surgery left on your chest.

Estrogen blocks can be taken if the cause of your man boobs is a hormonal imbalance. The medication suppresses the amount of estrogen in the body that is responsible for breast enlargement, and in some cases increases your testosterone levels to maintain your normal breast size.

Always consult a doctor before starting any gynecomastia cure because any of these medications or diets, if used the wrong way, can cause your breasts to grow even larger making your condition more severe.

Scott Pittman is an ex personal trainer who suffered with man boobs for 10 years ever since being a teenager.