Every guy gets them for a while during puberty, but man boobs which stick around once the natural puberty-induced imbalance between the hormones testosterone ( good for guys) and estrogen (not so good for guys) has subsided are no laughing matter. Yet as many as six out of ten guys twenty and older have more chest fat than they’d like, and the official term for that fat in that place is “gynecomastia.”

Yes, that’s “gyneco” as in “gynecologist,” and yes, is shouldn’t happen to a guy. But it does. Not only is the appearance of man boobs embarrassing; it can be physically uncomfortable enough that many men turn to breast reduction surgery as a gynecomastia cure. But resorting to surgery for any condition is a risky proposition, and a surgical gynecomastia cure is no exception.

Many men struggle with the embarrassment of this treatable condition for FAR too long. There are a range of Gynecomastia Cures out there just waiting to be used. I’ve put together this article to give you information on what you can do to cure Gynecomastia for good so you can regain your confidence.

Gynecomastia surgery removes the offending layers of fat, along with some hormone producing glandular tissue, leaving a flatter, more masculine chest. But it’s a major surgical procedure, with a risk of infection or complications from the anesthesia, and an extended, sometimes painful, recovery period. Is there a better gynecomastia cure?

The best way to keep your hormone production in balance is to keep what goes into your body balanced properly as well. If you want to help remove those man boobs by lowering your estrogen production, it only makes sense that your diet should be kept free of estrogen rich foods like soy products.

You should also combine a diet low in saturated fats and refined carbs with some fat busting aerobic exercise like running, cycling, swimming, or skateboarding with some sessions in the weight room at the gym. You’ll build your overall fitness while targeting those flabby man boobs. It’s the fastest way to take off fat and build lean muscle mass. The best gynecomastia cure is the one which gets you fast results, so that you feel like a guy again!