gynecomastia surgery cost in Shimla, What to expect after gynecomastia or breast reduction in men

What to expect after gynecomastia or breast reduction in men

Gynecomastia in India is a common problem among men. It is a condition in which men develop breasts like a woman, and this is a severe condition. Men who suffer from this disease are often depressed and also feel very embarrassed. In addition, they are often teased and insulted by their own family members, friends and others. They are ashamed to face society and suffer from low self-esteem. The only solution to this condition is gynecomastia surgery.

When you hear the word surgery, it often frightens and causes a lot of fear and stress. Men who suffer from this disease and have to undergo surgery have many questions on their minds. One of the most important questions is what to expect after gynecomastia surgery. Here are some quick pointers to the questions you may have. They answer your questions systematically.

What happens after gynecomastia surgery?

During the recovery phase, you will be connected and must wear protective clothing in the operating area. A few cuts are made to suck off the excess fat from the chest area. So there will be seams in this area.

During the recovery phase, wear an elastic support garment and bandage. This also helps to minimize swelling. A small tube is placed under your skin to drain the excess blood or fluid that accumulates.

What instructions should I follow for aftercare?

Your plastic surgeon will give you a series of follow-up instructions. This includes maintaining the surgical site. You may not be able to take a bath a few days after the surgery. This serves to avoid infections and pus in the operating area. The surgeon will also give some pain relievers and other medications to help with healing. It will also help reduce the risk of infection.

Afterwards, your plastic surgeon will ask you to come for follow-up exams and check the surgical site. You may also need to exchange associations frequently. The stitches are removed manually and it’s pretty painless. If you have any other concerns, make a list and speak to your plastic surgeon.

The result of gynecomastia surgery is a flat chest that is also permanent. You don’t have to worry about getting it back. However, this also depends heavily on the underlying cause. If you have developed unnatural breasts due to drug use, some medications, and poor lifestyle, this must be changed immediately to get lasting results.