Getting to know the Corona virus and God – Psalm 46-10

We will translate in more detail Psalm 46-10 “Be still and know that I am God” at the end of this article. He will explain how important this particular psalm is to humans in this unprecedented time. But first, adding context, let’s see how wild animals perform their respective survival functions and how humans stack up against each other as higher beings.

Birds, bees and fish

Have you ever seen a flock of birds dive quickly into the sky and suddenly go to bed? Likewise, with schools of fish, they shoot in one direction and then somersault and somersault in another direction. Great, I’m sure you will agree. From a human perspective, it is definitely worth thinking about the behavior of bird flocks in the current coronavirus situation.

The question is: for what purpose do they appear so synchronously?

The answer is they pray

The symmetrical formation in flight – and the rapid movement of fish – allows them to communicate or connect with their source, their “god”, which – for all non-human species on earth – is nature. In other words, nature provides birds and all land animals, including marine life, with everything they need to “know” to survive in their current environment.

The symmetrical V formation, which is piloted by other birds, also has the same reason: they are in contact with their source in order to replenish the energy fuel for their train journey. In this way, they get an important intuitive guide to feeding places along the way.

The flocking '' places the birds in a predictive mode, anticipating ” them – let’s call this anticipatory bird belief or prayer – then, as soon as this intuitive shift begins, they are absorbed into the consciousness of the flock. created by nature, then the direction instantly changes, even though the whole herd is in a wave of dynamic intelligence. Flock flight is synonymous with group consciousness, in which no bird is responsible. This way they stay up to date on each other and on the latest survival information.

Then we have the wonderful bees.

Considered a social insect, bees are workers who only fly for a group reason, which is to feed and feed the hive. They don’t fly for the love of the plane, but only to find nectar and then turn it over for the hive to enjoy.

Because we are all connected to the same universal life force, the concept of praying birds, fish, and insects, when we think about it, makes so much sense in spiritual evolution. There are so many “praying” lives taking place simultaneously in this beautiful ecosystem of witches. Much is overlooked or taken for granted. And have you noticed that the diversity of nature – large and small – would never harm or disturb the natural environment? If only people could be like this, we could ask.


So what does nature care have to do with today’s global pandemic: the coronavirus.

Well, as we’ll see, that has a lot to do with it, especially when it comes to how people can benefit from the approach our roommates have taken here on Earth.

As already mentioned, flock birds, bees, schools of fish and many other species do not work individually in prayer, but everything is intended for the survival of natural flocks or group species

This article does not deal with denigration of nations, far from it. But the consumerism in the world seems to be out of control and it doesn’t feel right

This treatment with corona viruses teaches us an hour of survival: nature tries to tell us something deeply subtle in very hard and rough details. On one level, there is the possibility of change in the midst of all suffering. And while the coronavirus is adopted with yes, the message of change remains until we all mentally take the natural message on board.

Similar to global warming, we have to face a new beginning, a new set of fundamental or domestic truths, a new order of material priorities, in short a new order of consciousness.

Take, for example, material objects and the current explosion in consumption. To meet this unwarranted demand for material products, technology must go beyond what many consumers can handle mentally and emotionally healthy. Without speaking about

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