The mortality rate of women during pregnancy and labor is over half a million each year. According to W.H.O. the majority of these deaths are avoidable. Women suffer from a fistula during childbirth if medical care is not available in time. This is more common in long-term labor disabilities and when there is no medical intervention for a long period. The fetus creates constant pressure on the birth canal, which can tear or severely damage the tissue. This leads to the formation of a fistula.

Chronic incontinence is a major problem for women who develop a fistula. The situation that arises can be extremely embarrassing for the woman and add to the physical trauma caused by the pain and emotional stress of losing the baby. The overall physical and emotional impact on the patient can be overwhelming. Cases of family and community exclusion are not uncommon for these women.

The disease affects almost two billion women worldwide, with almost eighty percent of cases coming from sub-Saharan Africa. A whopping fifty thousand cases are reported each year. It is estimated that a large number of cases are not reported each year, making it one of the main diseases in women.

Fistula repair is relatively easy and straightforward and usually has no complications. It should be done by a surgeon trained in this process. A success rate of 90% is common for fistula repair operations on the first try. Fistula surgery is a great blessing for women suffering from this disease as it helps to restore their dignity and self-esteem.

Dr. Margolis is a household name in the field of fistula repair. He is a well-known personality in sub-Saharan Africa and serves the community there with his specialist knowledge and extensive experience. He has repaired hundreds of vasikovaginal fistulas. He has also done hundreds of similar repairs in the United States. A simple one-hour transvaginal approach helps doctors complete the surgery in about an hour. Hospitalization is rarely required and, unlike other surgical procedures, the patient can quickly return to normal physical activity.

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