The mysterious corona virus works in such a way that even scientists have trouble explaining it. The disease leads to unexplained phenomena and cases that do not agree with the explanation that the severity of the disease depends on age and the underlying diseases. Here are some examples:

The fact that young and healthy people in their twenties who contract the disease are dying.
The fact that people over 100 have recovered from the corona virus.
The fact that there are genes that are infected with the disease without even feeling it.
The fact that there are (few) people who are recovered from the corona virus and re-infected.
The fact that some scientists believe that the disease could have two strains, one mild and one more aggressive.
These cases must lead even people who are not experts in the field to conclude that there is another influencing risk factor. Indeed, as described below, this factor can be the extent of exposure to the coronavirus, that is to say the number of viruses on the body is exposed.
The body’s immune system looks like a national army. The younger and healthier the individuals, the stronger their army. When foreign and hostile viruses enter the body, soldiers immediately mobilize the immune system to protect it. The assumption that healthy people without basic diseases can defeat the virus is based solely on the quality of their immune system, but does not take into account the quantity, i.e. the numerical balance of forces between the number of cells in the immune system and the number of attacking viruses. To better understand how critical exposure to the virus can be, we will present two examples of contractions – one from a healthy youngster who spent several days with corona patients without distance, and the other from l healthy youngster who only touched a surface a few hours after exposure to the virus. It is clear that the immune system of an individual exposed to a “small” number of viral cells can be overcome more easily than the immune system of an individual exposed to a much larger quantity of viral cells.

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