Many people, regardless of their age or gender, have one type or another of hernia. Hernia occurs when the tissue under the muscles protrudes through a hole due to muscle failure or muscle weakness and creates a bulge. The cause of the hernia is usually the fact that, over time, the muscle tissue becomes tired and worn, so that it loses its strength and tear. If a person with an inguinal hernia ignores this and many do so because the pain in the area where the bulge occurs is not initially disturbing, the disease develops and becomes a real problem. The bulge caused by the hernia may not hurt at first, but it does cause some pain after a while, especially if the person who has it coughs, bends down, or lifts something heavy.

In most cases of hernias, simple surgery is required that repairs everything. If the doctor has recommended hernia surgery, it is not advisable to delay it because complications are likely to occur. The mass can fill up with fat and trap the intestine inside, causing serious digestive problems. (If the hernia blocks or captures another organ, it is called a strangulated hernia.) In this case, the operation should be done immediately because complications from severe hernias are life-threatening.

Fortunately, surgical techniques have improved dramatically in recent years as millions of people need hernia surgery every year, and new techniques are constantly being researched. Previously, surgery was a more complicated process that sometimes caused pain and took a long time to recover. Now the hernia surgery doesn’t hurt anymore and the recovery time is much shorter.

Hernia surgery depends on the type of hernias that patients have. The methods differ slightly from situation to situation. However, there are two main techniques that can be used to remove the hernia:

-open herniorrhaphy – the doctor makes a large incision, repairs the hernia with surgical instruments that are controlled by his hands, not with a remote control, and then sews the hole in the muscles through which the bulge came out. This method can leave scars after the wound heals.

There is a small recovery period after the operation, and patients are prescribed medication and a special diet, which they must adhere to for a few days until digestion works as it should. After a few days, patients can start walking, but running, exercising, or other sporting activities are prohibited for about five weeks.

Hernia surgery is a simple operation that millions of people perform without complications in 99% of cases. So you don’t have to worry if you need surgery for a hernia, but you have plenty to do. Worry if you continue. delay the operation until complications arise.

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