Epidermolysis bullosa Treatment in Hyderabad


Most types of epidermolysis bullosa are inherited. The condition usually occurs in infancy or infancy. Some people don’t develop signs and symptoms until they are in their teens or early adulthood. Epidermolysis bullosa Treatment in Hyderabad


The signs and symptoms of epidermolysis bullosa vary by type. They include:

The reasons

The skin consists of an outer layer (epidermis) and an underlying layer (dermis). The area where the layers meet is called the basement membrane. The different types of epidermolysis bullosa are largely defined by the layer in which the blisters form.

Risk factors

A family history of epidermolysis bullosa is the main risk factor for developing the disease.


It is not possible to prevent epidermolysis bullosa. However, you can take steps to prevent blisters and infection.

Handle your child carefully. Your baby or child needs a hug, but be very gentle. To pick up your child, place them on a soft material such as cotton and a support under the buttocks and behind the neck. Do not lift your child under your arms.
Pay special attention to the diaper area. If your child is wearing diapers, remove the elastic bands and avoid cleaning wipes. Line the layer with a non-stick bandage or apply a thick layer of zinc oxide paste.
Keep the home environment cool. Set your thermostat to keep your home cool and the temperature stable.
Keep the skin moist. Carefully apply lubricant such as petroleum jelly. Epidermolysis bullosa Treatment in Hyderabad

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