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What is the Cost of Earlobe Surgery Treatment?

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Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe Surgery – Cost
Enquiry Low Cost Now Repairing a Split Earlobe and Other Earlobe Holes

Earlobe repair is performed to repair the shape and appearance of the earlobes. Earlobes become stretched from the use of earrings over time, especially with the use of heavy earrings. In addition, severely stretched ear lobes are frequently seen after the use of ear gauges. Earlobe repair is performed to repair the stretching from an ear gauge, a torn earlobe, and/or an enlarged earring hole. Earlobe surgery can also be performed to reduce the size of the ear lobe if the earlobes are large.

Earlobe repair is most commonly performed to repair a split in the ear lobe. This is done by making incisions around the split area in order to freshen the edges and then suturing the edges together in a very specific method. A risk of this procedure is a resulting notch at the free edge of the ear, where it is sutured. There are several methods by which this risk is reduced. The best method to use will depend on the way the split has formed and its appearance.

Stretched ear lobe repair is performed similar to that for a split, however can be more complicated depending on the degree of stretching that has occurred. The surgeon may make a variety of possible incisions to allow the earlobe to heal as best as possible without distortion of the earlobe. Again, this depends on the degree of stretching. Closing prior earring holes that have become slightly larger then normal sized earrings is the simplest kind of repair. However, severely stretched ears, as seen in people who have worn gauge earrings, can be repaired, but will require a different type of repair.

Finally, there are some people who are not happy with the size of their earlobes because they feel that they are too large. In these cases, an earlobe reduction can be performed by removing excess earlobe tissue. When pursuing earlobe repair, it is important that you consult with a board certified surgeon who has experience in these kinds of repairs.

Traumatic Split Earlobes Can Be Successfully Repaired

We tend not to think about our earlobes until they become a problem. Split earlobes are not uncommon since most woman have their ears pierced at some point in their life. With fashion trends leading to longer and heavier earrings the inevitable result is an elongated lobe, an elongated hole or a completely split earlobe. Time, gravity, weight and trauma all combine to cause this to happen.   It’s simply a matter of physics. The earlobe and the piercing hole can only support so much weight. The most frequently affected side is on the left   since this is usually the side where we hold the phone against our ear. Children sometimes grab or pull on flashy earrings or they get caught in clothing. Many times an elongated hole does not support the back of the earring and it can pull through. You do not want to lose those expensive diamond earrings.   

There are many techniques for repair of a split or elongated earlobe hole. The first stage involves the freshening up of the torn edges. An incision is made around the edges creating a V-shaped pattern. From this point there are several patterns that can be done all designed to prevent complications of scar contracture. The object is to create an aesthetically pleasing ear shape and contour. These patterns usually involve either a zigzag or a notch and groove pattern. 


Before undergoing split earlobe surgery a patient should have a clear understanding of what can and cannot be accomplished. A detailed understanding of the procedure and expectations are vital for a satisfactory outcome. A candidate for split earlobe repair should understand the risks and complications of the procedure. This will be explained  by their plastic surgeon prior to the operation. It is advisable to stop taking any aspirin or aspirin containing products for two weeks prior to the surgery. Be certain to advise your plastic surgeon about any medications, prescription or non-prescription, that you currently take.   In preparation for the procedure it is also highly recommended that patients avoid smoking, to provide a quicker recovery and more reliable healing.
The Operation

A split earlobe repair is typically performed under local anesthesia. Most patients tolerate the procedure well and have minimal discomfort. There are several steps to the operation and the procedure usually takes thirty to forty five minutes per side. 
After The Operation

Following the operation patients should wash the ear three times per day and  apply a dressing of antibiotic ointment in order to decrease the risk of an infection. This will also aid the healing process. After surgery patients can shampoo their hair; however you should avoid using a hair dryer for the first 2 days.    
Recovering from Split Earlobe Surgery

Creating Beautiful Earlobes

Believe it or not, cosmetic surgery for earlobes; that’s right, earlobe procedures, are always among the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States! Surprised?

Earlobes are sensual and sexy and a part of the overall look of the face. When adorned with jewelry, the variety of messages we can send – casual, formal, mysterious, artsy, flirty – are limited only by the imagination. After all, earlobes are the #1 most popular body piercing in the world.

But a common problem is the overstretched piercing hole in the earlobe. Perhaps it’s simply that the hole was originally pierced too large, or that it somehow healed that way, or it was pierced too low and close to the lower edge. Some pierce sites seem to stretch and slowly enlarge as the years go by. Is it the aging process or was the repeated use of large, heavy, dangling earrings also to blame? When the hole is too big, a small post-style earring, let’s say one with a one carat diamond stud, slips out, unnoticed, right through the hole, and it’s gone. How many expensive earrings do you have to lose before you get that earlobe fixed?

Very often, the ever-enlarging earlobe pierce hole reveals itself one day to actually have become a full “split”, the so-called “torn earlobe”. It is now impossible to wear a post – there’s no hole anymore, just a split. You could wear a clip-on. But without anything on the lobe, it looks pretty bad. Sometimes that last little bit of skin still holding the earlobe together below the enlarging hole gets a little help to finish off the tear needed to make a split – a wandering baby’s hands (fascinated by the sparkling ear jewelry), a wayward old-fashioned telephone cord, a sweater, sweatshirt, t-shirt or towel that caught it just the right way, hair brushing “trauma” or those big, heavy earrings again?

Whether an enlarged hole or a split, the reconstructive repair is actually a very easy deal. With a little local anesthetic and dissolvable stitches, 15 minutes later you’re done and soon the earlobe will look like it did originally, like the split or the cosmetic procedure to fix it never happened. A new, fresh, tight pierce hole can be placed at the same time as the repair, and you can wear your earrings right out of the office! Total cost? Typically $300 – $400 per ear.

Then there are the hanging, loose and overall enlarged earlobes themselves. Yes, unfortunately our earlobes do “age” as they stretch out and droop, getting folds and lines and a redundant, looseness of skin. As we get older, the earlobes appear to be more floppy, larger, longer and wrinkly. But an earlobe reduction is an easy fix, often incorporated as a part of a facelift or similar type of cosmetic facial rejuvenation procedure. A lobe reduction can also be performed in the office, with local anesthetic and absorbable stitches as well. Earrings look better in a smaller, younger, less droopy earlobe, too.

Did you know that ear piercings are also a common procedure at the plastic surgeon’s office? Why?

The exact spot on each earlobe can be selected for the best position for symmetry of earring placement. Most people have slight differences in their earlobe shape and size as well as differences in ear position and size that are simply not taken into account at the “piercing pit stop” in the mall. Your plastic surgeon uses local anesthetic so that whether young or old, that last second wincy-jerk reflex won’t throw the hole placement off-center!

Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Helps Patients Look Younger

Did you ever think that stretched earlobes could be a sign of aging? Sure enough, just as gravity takes its toll during the aging process on the neck, cheeks, etc., it also affects the earlobes. As people age, the earlobes lose fat and enlarge/expand, making them look long, “floppy” and older. On top of this natural occurrence, years of wearing heavy earrings or ear gauges can stretch out the earlobes, making them look even longer.

A solution to this “floppy” condition is the earlobe reduction procedure, performed to repair the shape and appearance of the earlobes to make them look shorter or smaller, therefore younger. During the procedure, a plastic surgeon makes an incision within the earlobe to remove excess tissue and reduce it to an appropriate size. The earlobe is then closed with absorbable stitches.

Depending on the degree to which the earlobes are stretched, the surgeon may need to make a variety of possible incisions, to ensure that the earlobe heals in the best possible manner without distortion.

Patients can undergo an earlobe reduction in the comfort of a plastic surgeon’s office. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area, and patients don’t feel anything during the procedure. An earlobe reduction usually takes less than one hour to perform.

After the procedure, patients can drive home immediately. Following an earlobe reduction, there is minimal to no pain, which can be alleviated with Extra Strength Tylenol®. Patients can go back to their regular daily activities right away.

It may take a few weeks for the earlobe to heal completely. During this time, it should be kept clean. While a very small scar may initially be visible at the point of incision, it usually disappears over time. Surgeons typically make the incision in an area that will make it unnoticeable.

An earlobe reduction can also be performed in conjunction with other facial cosmetic procedures such as a facelift or facial fat transfer.

Another earlobe repair procedure is split earlobe repair, which corrects a split caused by trauma associated with wearing earrings. Also performed under a local anesthetic in a plastic surgeon’s office, the procedure involves freshening the edges of the split earlobe and meticulously layering the wound closure to recreate a continuous earlobe. It takes less than one hour to perform.

City NameAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price
NCR (Delhi)Rs. 10,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 20,000
KolkataRs. 12,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 25,000
MumbaiRs. 15,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 30,000
HyderabadRs. 9,000Rs. 1,500Rs. 20,000
PuneRs. 12,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 25,000
BangaloreRs. 10,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 22,000
VisakhapatnamRs. 8,500Rs. 1,200Rs. 18,000
KochiRs.7,500Rs. 1,300Rs. 15,000
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