For more than a month, Italians have heard of the Corona virus in China which they saw on the news as the government faced the epidemic. This message belongs to him, who stammered from a distant country, that is to say the Italian peninsula, which is safe because it is a situation that is only “different”, a larger watch, a reaction completely normal, maybe much more Buppenungie much more. Therefore, people have slow temporary attitudes. In early January, it was decided that an Italian official should develop an emergency plan. It was the only time this manager had not put in place rules to protect people from the flu for the first time. However, one should think positively about living in fear of the corona virus, which is also spreading as a “restriction” beyond China.

People with an emotional background, not just Italians, appear to life in a positive light. Another way to get on a bucket in the street is the cheil to offer level. Politicians are trying to find a solution that helps small businesses lose out right now, and they are making money helping families with mothers or fathers take their kids to school. was closed. Superficial thinking seems to be the best solution to the country’s problems, but it loses the visible rights to manage and administer the indebted nation.

Cuddling, kissing and principal’s handles are not prohibited. Football matches open to supporters were banned by decree of Prime Minister Italy Giuseppe Conte for 30 days. This is why the Italians are affected, although many were that footballers also have the right to keep their distance. Was still the same all sporting events in the camera until April 3, was known in the country for kisses on the remains of the cheek.

COVID-19 is most common in February and March 2020 in the practice of religion where religion is practiced. Here, the back of the church called Santo Stefano in Borgomanero, where the guards had just disinfect the rights and the church. There was no free soul to be found, neither priest nor tourist. The author had the right to listen silently to the frescoes and the beautiful stained glass windows. When someone visits Italy this month, he or she is in personal churches without parishioners because people are understandably afraid of meeting the same people, regardless of their size and accommodation. On a discovery that priests were withdrawing holy water from religious churches for fear of belonging to the virus. Many citizens and tourists who can visit sacred shrines would be worshiped on television and on the Internet. You have the right and the right thing to do.

The other decided to be in churches in all Italian relations. There is much more information on football matches and the life of the economy. For example, there is a lot of information in the news about maintaining the reputation of “Made in Italy”, so the migrability of employees who are still able to work ensures that other countries of the same age use your productions. Protect a business -19.

In a country known for its Venetian carnival, it was ironic not to have enough masks. Unfortunately, the Venetian carnival parades were canceled this year for fear of infection and were linked to the fact that the country lost many tourist dollars and triggered the current tourism crisis in Italy. According to Assoturismo, 90% of hotel reservations in Rome have been canceled and the United States has issued a Level 3 warning to its citizens.

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