Crooked Nose Correction, Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery in Hyderabad

Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Surgery Hyderabad

What is the crooked nose?

The twisted nose is an asymmetrical nose, usually characterized by a deviation of the upper third of the bones and / or the lower two thirds of the cartilaginous nose. The deflection is often sinusoidal and the tip may be in the median line or not (deformation of the S-shaped twisted nose).

Structural problems of the twisted nose often contribute to functional problems of the nose, such as nasal congestion, and also complicate optimal surgical management.

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Rhinoplasty of the Twisted Nose:

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Before: crooked nose After: crooked nose corrected, immediate period
Correcting the crooked nose is one of the biggest challenges of septorhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty surgeon must take care of the correction of contour deformations and nasal obstruction. This is where the ENT surgeon, nose correction specialist, comes in.

Crossover Nose Surgeon in Hyderabad An ENT surgeon can completely treat any type of nasal misalignment, giving you the best possible result for both cosmetic correction and functional correction.

Nasal correction plan Surgical correction of the crooked nose after a precise diagnosis taking into account the balance, the proportions, the symmetry and the correction of the nasal function.

What are the causes of a crooked nose?

Torn bones from an accident or birth trauma are the main cause of an asymmetrical nose. Progressive nasal congestion often occurs in these patients as disruptive trauma results in both septal deviation and disruption of the classical nasal support mechanisms, which can lead to collapse of the nasal valves, both internally and externally.

Diseases of the septum and inner nose such as autoimmune diseases or immunological diseases are classic examples of diseases leading to septal injury.

After surgical rhinoplasty, clients were initially satisfied with their new appearance and results from rhinoplasty. Years later, as healing powers begin to manifest, they may be disappointed. Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure that often results in a loss of structural support and a weakened nose. For years, the combination of scars, gravity and aging of the skin leads the nose in different directions and can cause nasal collapse and deviations. The Microcare Rhinoplasty Center offers the best correction for the twisted nose in Hyderabad.

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