Complication of gastric bypass: gastrointestinal fistula

While the success rate of gastric bypass surgery is very good, complications from weight loss surgery do occur. One of the rare complications is a gastrointestinal fistula or a leak in the newly reduced gastric pouch.

A LivingAfterWLS reader named Margo recently suffered from such a complication. She was operated on on July 11. On August 18, she suffered a setback when a gastric fistula was identified in the operative area of ​​her stomach. The fistula was identified by a contrast study with the upper gastrointestinal tract (UGI).

A fistula is an abnormal connection between barley, a vessel, or an intestine resulting from trauma or surgery. With gastric bypass, the separation of the gastric sac from the main stomach reduces the appearance of fistula and gastric ulcers, but does not eliminate them. Leakage of food ingested through the fistula can cause the small pouch to empty more quickly, leading to increased meal volumes and increased appetite. Patients stop losing or gaining weight. Surgery may be needed to correct the fistula.

In Margo’s case, the leak caused vague symptoms such as nausea within hours of eating. She said that after twice trying to vomit and only produce bile, she knew her bag was working. Margo added, “Luckily I stopped choking afterwards or could have made it worse. I knew my pack was feeding. I just went back to liquids and it didn’t help. It didn’t help. didn’t help either. ” leads to the top GI. “

Fortunately, she had a fluid, soft diet soon after the operation, so she did not have peritonitis, an inflammation of the abdominal organ caused by bacteria in the stomach.

After the fistula was identified, Margo was fed intravenously and her weight loss stopped. She said, “I’m staying, but pretty much. I’m still happy to have WLS and to have found LivingAfterWLS.”

Almost a month after identifying the fistula, Margo is still fed intravenously, but may add a few items to her diet. β€œI had a second upper GI and the fistula got a little better. My doctor lets me drink fluids: if I take up to 48 ounces of fluid and 400 calories (protein shake) for “several days” I can give up, I’ll be 2 Spend weeks on a liquid diet, then start adding soft foods. I will have at least one or two additional IGUs. “

Margo says it wasn’t easy to have a positive mind. “I would like to add that my positive spirit doesn’t come on its own – I was deeply depressed, but at least I have something to like now, and that has helped me a lot.”

Take a minute to send some hot waves and leave a comment here. I’m sure she would love to know how much we draw for her. She said: “I really appreciate your prayers and your concern and I am determined to overcome this setback – and all that are bothering me – because I want to keep losing weight so that I can live!”

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