Hearing loss is a condition that can occur in a person from birth or that can develop later due to certain accidents or with increasing age. The eardrum is a very important part of a person’s ear and can damage it if it is not careful. The eardrum is actually a membrane that protects the middle area of ​​the ear, commonly known as the middle ear. The middle ear in turn connects the inner ear, which consists of sensitive channels. The eardrum, middle ear and inner ear are connected. The eardrum is like a door that protects a person’s ear. The problem, however, is that the eardrum is not a thick membrane and can break easily under strong pressure, which affects the person’s hearing.

A person can intentionally or unintentionally damage their eardrum. There are several ways that a person can damage their eardrums. Some of the most common methods are listening to loud music, frequent use of headphones or headphones to listen to music, watching TV at high volume, explosion of loud crackers, swimming without using earplugs, unattended ear infections, ear wax, etc. Do not clean the throat, as this can disturb the ear Middle ear is connected to the neck. In most cases, hearing loss due to infection is temporary. However, there are cases where infections have led to permanent hearing loss. Chronic nasal problems can also affect hearing. The ear, nose and throat are interdependent organs. For this reason you will find specialists, so-called ENT doctors (ear, nose, ears), who treat problems related to these three organs. If you ask an ENT doctor, he will tell you how these three organs are connected and how problems in one of these organs can affect the other two organs.

Some people may have hearing problems when traveling on airplanes. Hearing problems caused by air travel are also temporary and associated with breathing problems. However, the noise of the aircraft can also permanently damage the ear. That is why everyone on a plane is asked to hold cotton in their ears.

Factory workers who use loud machines are at risk of developing hearing loss. Even drivers can develop hearing problems because they are constantly honked on the road.

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