Closed Rhinoplasty

When the nose is closed, no cuts are made outside the nose. The procedure takes place in the nose, so that the doctor can access the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose. This is one of the options available to patients to find a nasal job. No scar is visible after the operation. Before undergoing Rhinoplasty, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of working with a closed nose.

The Advantages of Closed Rhinoplasty

Shorter Surgery Time:

Closed rhinoplasties take less time than open rhinoplasty. This means that the patient requires less anesthesia for the operation. For some patients, this is an important factor in choosing between open and closed noses. In addition, the time required to complete the operation is reduced by 30 minutes as fewer incisions are required. No external scars

Less Scarring

Since there are no external incisions, there are no external scars. Intervention is performed internally and the surgeon ensures that there are no visible signs of surgery, especially on the columella, the skin column located between the two nostrils.

Better Circulation to the Skin of the Nasal Tip

This is extremely important to consider. Since no cut through the Columella is necessary, the circulation of the skin is not disturbed. The skin remains intact after surgery. After a closed rhinoplasty, the nose swells less, as the skin’s natural drainage channels were intact during surgery. Therefore, the nose heals faster than patients with open nose correction.

The Disadvantages of Closed Rhinoplasty

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Requires More Skill

Because the procedure is performed without lifting the skin of the nose, the surgeon makes all the changes through the narrow openings in the nostril. It’s a “blind” process and everything happens by feeling and seeing the outward appearance. You must make sure that your surgeon has the necessary skills to carry out this task when subjected to a closed position. This means that your surgeon performs more nose surgeries than any other cosmetic surgery. It also means that your surgeon specializes in closed nose correction.

Limited Number of Revisions

The procedure limits the number of revisions the physician can perform. For this reason, the use of the closed nose is only recommended for people who want to make minor changes. People who need complex nasal changes should opt for an open nose job. Complex surgical procedures are not possible due to lack of exposure and lack of access.

Difficult to Visualise Nose in Natural State

During closed rhinoplasty surgery, the nasal skin is stretched in order to access the internal part of the nose. This action can distort the nasal cartilage that makes it difficult to see the natural state of the nose.

Remember that your surgeon will be advising the best techniques, whether open or closed Rhinoplasty depending on your goals and what you are wishing to achieve. The advantages and disadvantages of closed rhinoplasty are fully discussed at your consultation with your surgeon.

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