A patient who previously had a hair transplant from another clinic recently emailed our office. “I had hair restoration surgery … and my hair has never grown in the area and I have followed all of the instructions carefully. Are there other ways to get my hair back?”

As simple as a hair transplant procedure may seem, there are some factors that can lead to suboptimal growth. Most patients who are considering or have had a transplant are concerned about the survival of their newly transplanted hair. These problems can be divided into two factors:

  1. Patient factor
  2. Technical problems

These two things can potentially determine what your hair transplant outcome will look like.

Patient factor

Technical problems

By maintaining our high standards, we have been able to increase the quality and quantity of transplanted hair. After about a year the results are usually clearer, so if in doubt we recommend re-evaluation by a good hair transplant surgeon. After the reassessment is complete, your hair transplant surgeon can help you treat the disorder that led to your less desirable growth results and even tell you what may have caused your disease.

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