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Bachelor interior design and style. In the six-semester Bachelor’s degree in interior style at the Stuttgart University of Technologies, future interior designers study application-oriented and with a concentrate on style.

Interior style is closely connected to holistic inquiries and tasks of architecture. Therefore, through the course with the degree, buildings, interiors, furnishings and furniture are rephrasing a sentence generator treated as a unit. The imparting of well-founded technical, inventive and organizational know-how enables our students to create into competent generalists. Education. Undergraduate studies. Soon after […]

University of Applied Sciences Hamm courses. It doesn’t matter irrespective of whether you wish to study with us to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

We prepare you for the future expert challenges using a qualified, versatile and practice-oriented university education. Our university features a pool of skilled lecturers as well as the specifications of your business-oriented course content within the course ensure that you acquire specifically the capabilities you’ll need in daily working life – irrespective of the region […]

Instruction masseur and medical lifeguard. The job description.

The “masseur and healthcare lifeguard” is among the medical professions. The field of activity involves all measures of “physical therapy”, for instance unique techniques of massage and reflex zone therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, movement therapy, electrical, light and radiation therapy, heat and cold applications as well as hydrotherapy with its medical baths, Kneipp water applications, […]

Specialist for swimming pools. The training.

You make certain that almost everything is going well within the swimming pools in the republic – the specialist staff for pool operations (colloquially the profession is also called pool attendant). Moreover to supervising the But they are responsible for many other items within the bathroom, for example the high quality on the water. The […]

Searching for any dual study system for social perform in Hamm? Social function.

Dual study of social perform around the virtual campus. Do you should function inside the social sector? Support individuals in problematic circumstances? Assistance youngsters and young people, individuals with disabilities or refugees? Then we’ve got one thing for you personally here: The dual degree in social perform is wonderful for do-gooders and anyone hunting for […]

Specialist for swimming pools. The training.

You make certain that all the things is going properly within the swimming pools in the republic – the specialist staff for pool operations (colloquially the profession is also referred to as pool attendant). Also to supervising the But they are accountable for many other items within the bathroom, one example is the excellent of […]

Germany Scholarship: We’re taking component.

The “Germany Scholarship” advantages talented students from all nations and all parts of society. To this end, the Germany Scholarship very first recognizes successes (achievements) in college, research and / or function. The other achievements of young people today to date are also deemed as more characteristics in the selection approach. The joint funding from […]