Think back to your childhood when the whole family got together for a barbecue or some other kind of party. Although you might not like to admit it, you’ve always seen at least one family member with varicose veins and you might have thought, “Are varicose veins dangerous?” You may have even thought about whether there was discomfort or perhaps social anxiety because these varicose veins were unsightly.

Either way, adulthood has certainly thought a little more about varicose veins, since you or someone you know may have to deal with them on a daily basis. Plus, you might not even have thought about them much except that they can be a bit awkward to show off. You may be interested to know that the dangerous part may contain a little more than you thought.

Here are five facts about varicose veins you need to know:

Don’t Ignore Them – Our bodies are wonderful barometers for things that are not quite accurate. Your presence means that there may be something that is a little “out”.

Signs of something bigger – If you are still sure everything is fine and you do not need to talk to your doctor, you may be interested to know that some of the problems that could be occurring are clots blood, inflammation and leg ulcers. .

They’re not always visible – Even though we are looking for the appearance of these veins, you may not know that they are not always visible. They can be there, or at least there are issues with them. However, if you experience heaviness or pain and swelling, you may see signs of something worth checking out.

Age is not a “thing” for them – since they are not always visible, know that if you know their family history, you need to find out about them. Medical experts want you to know that this is primarily a genetic problem.

It’s not a female problem – we often associate this problem with something that only affects women, and it just isn’t. While the numbers show a higher incidence of women struggling with varicose veins, men are very vulnerable to contracting them and dealing with the serious consequences that can be associated with the territory.

Doctors won’t blame you if you keep asking yourself, “Are varicose veins dangerous?” In fact, many of them will praise you for being a little proactive just because their looks can be a sign of something much bigger and more threatening. You and your loved ones should ask your doctor if you are concerned about your varicose veins and what options you have about them.

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